Sunday, July 29, 2007

BlogAThon - Finale

Well, a long, long day. Let's just 'bookend' the event with a modified post announcing my first attempt at Blogathon.

Blogathon began yesterday at 6:00 am. Bloggers from around the world blogged for one day to help charities around the globe. We posted every 30 minutes over a 24 hour period; at one the time just became a blur -know there are extra posts, double posts, probably some within minutes of each other.

For this, we collected sponsorships and pledges. They could be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour we managed to stay awake.

It's not too late, go to Blogathon, choose ‘Southern California Library Literacy Network,’ and PLEDGE !

Or you can to go the SCLLN ‘Donations Page’ and send a Donation.

And continue to use GoodSearch: 1000 people @ 2 searches a day = $7,300

In 2006:
8,870 Adult Learners
5,586 Volunteer Tutors
358,604 Hours of Free Tutoring
Families For Literacy program
7,015 children under 5
8,844 children over 5
received 103,709 Free Books

SCLLN thanks you for your support !

1 comment:

Volunteer ! said...

thanks Teejei !
not sure what was the hardest: you
have to check the posts or my having to post?
get some rest -i know i will

good morning