Monday, January 7, 2008

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Unsung Heroes a Tribune Special Series
Marita Gifford Teaches English to Her Fellow Employees in the Paso Robles Inn Laundry Room
Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA): December 23, 2007

You won't find any of the usual schoolroom items -- computers, desks, bookshelves -- in Marita Gifford's classroom.

But make no mistake, she's transformed the laundry room at the Paso Robles Inn into a center for learning.

Gifford, 72, is executive housekeeper at the Paso Robles Inn, but her second title is teacher.

Just six months after starting her job at the inn a few years ago, she organized a program to teach English language skills to Spanish-speaking staff members.
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Eager to help her students even more, Gifford went through a tutoring program for volunteers offered by the San Luis Obispo Literacy Council. The literacy council provided training and materials that helped her broaden the classes. READ ON

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