Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Downey Library - Library Visit: Nessas Blog

Nessas Blog: June 20, 2008

Downey City Library
11121 Brookshire Ave.
Downey, CA 90241

At first sight, The Downey City Library may seem like an unfunded and unused resource for the City’s residents, or at the least some sort of mecca for the local High School youth. Located across from Downey High School, and sandwiched in the parking lot between City Hall and Performing Arts Center, the one-story building is quite a gem inside.

Upon entrance of the sliding front doors is a small collection of Karen and Richard Carpenters’ memorabilia. I knew the famous two were from the City of Downey, but didn’t realize they were involved so much in their community. The small tribute to them was nice to see.

Across from the display is the impressive Circulation Desk. Impressive I guess in its rounded counter top and staffed with friendly and helpful personnel.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
A couple things that may go unnoticed are the quaint Friends of the Library bookstore and the Literacy Office/literacy programs. The bookstore sells both new and used books, magazines, videos, nick-knacks, and a good selection of reasonably priced greeting cards. The store’s contributions go to help fund certain library equipment and programs. The literacy office is used for adult literacy and is run by a full-time staff member that coordinates literacy volunteers to help promote reading for adults. READ MORE

Donate to SCLLNGive the gift of reading and writing to adult learners
in library literacy programs from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

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