Friday, August 28, 2009

San Diego County Library

The Benefit of One Another
Learn Alive: Aug/Sep 2009

Mother Theresa was often quoted as saying; “ Life is chiefly about service. “ My belief is such that she would be highly impressed with the ways LEARN subscribes to this ideal. I personally take this opportunity to say thank you to the committed staff at LEARN, to the brave learners and tutors, and to all those whose participation make literacy possible to each of us interested in the gift of continued LEARN-ing.

Name is Jayelle Sargent. My recent introduction to LEARN came at this period of my life which I jokingly remind my husband, who is seven years younger than I, “Lucky you darling…to witness this best chapter of my life’s drama. " Our four sons are grown, I recently retired from my career as an agent in the film industry, survived major health issues, and now I have the opportunity to choose how I will spend this last chapter. My love for libraries calls me to them, so it was a double delight when at the Encinitas Library, I read a LEARN flyer requesting volunteer tutors for literacy. Without hesitation, I called the Adult Literacy Program, signed up to attend a tutor training, and only then did I ask myself, “How in the world am I going to tutor English when I don’t remember many rules of grammar that I use out of habit.” My fears were quickly put to rest. By the close of the tutor training I had received the verbal support I needed, along with hands on materials to start this new adventure.

Several weeks later I received a call from the Literacy Center telling me there was a young woman interested in studying with a tutor. The appointment was set. Alicia and I met at the Encinitas Library on a Saturday, April 11, 2009. After we introduced ourselves to one another, I think the next thing I said was “You smell wonderful…I love your cologne.” How’s that for an icebreaker! READ MORE !
LEARN Tutor– Jayelle Sargent

Give The Gift
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