Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adult Literacy Awareness Month

Adult Literacy Awareness Month
September Spotlight
on SCLLN literacy programs

Carlsbad City Library25th Anniversary of Literacy ServicesLearning Connection Newsletter: July/August 2009

Literacy Services for adults is a program of the Carlsbad City Library that serves English-speaking adults who want to improve their basic reading and writing skills. Literacy Services has helped hundreds of adults to become more confident and independent.

We provide a friendly, supportive atmosphere. We value every learner's needs and goals. Each learner studies one-to-one with a trained volunteer tutor. All services are confidential and provided without charge.

Partnership with Carlsbad High School
In September 1998, Carlsbad Library's Literacy Services began a cooperative literacy effort with Carlsbad High School. Special education students come daily during regular school hours to the Learning Center. Ninth through twelfth graders are tutored one-to-one in basic reading and writing skills by their special education teacher and aide and by the staff and volunteers of the Literacy Services. Enrollment is done through the high school and students receive high school credit.

Colton Public Library – Advance To Literacy

The Colton Public Library is recruiting community volunteers to assist in the library or to tutor adult students in its literacy program. Volunteer literacy tutors spend three hours a week teaching adults how to read. Tutors complete a day-long workshop before being matched up to an adult learner. For more information, call Advance to Literacy at (909) 370-5170. The community of Colton takes great pride in its beautiful and important public library. Dedicate yourself to helping the library maintain all its special services in future years.

Give The Gift
of reading and writing to adult learners in
California library literacy programs from Santa Barbara to San Diego

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