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California Literacy Library Calendar: September 2010

California Literacy Calendar: September 2010

SCLLN Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
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Southern California Library Literacy Network
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Updates of Tutor Training Workshops Scrolling in Left Frame

Local and California Literacy Events: September 2010

Festival of Children Month = South Coast Plaza
Library Card Sign-Up Month @ Public Libraries Everywhere !

Sep 01: Learning Disabilities Parent Support Group – 7pm – Sherman Oaks
Sep 02: Tutor Information South Bay Literacy Council – 7pm Torrance Library
Sep 04: Sensory Friendly Films - Nanny McPhee Returns – 10am – AMC LA to SD
Sep 07: Learning Disabilities Parent Support Group Culver City @ 7pm
Sep 08: Writer To Writer Launch – SCLLN
Sep 10: Manos Amigas/Helping Hands - Centro Latino for Literacy LA @ 6:30pm
Sep 11: CATESOL LA Regional Conference– CSUF
Sep 11-12: Santa Monica Book Fair
Sep 11: ESL Tutor Training - SGVLC Pasadena @ 9am
Sep 11: Learning Disabilities Adult Support Group Providence Tarzana @ 10am
Sep 13+: Reading Comprehension Strategies = On Line Cyberspace
Sep 16: Literacy Spelling Bee - Kern Literacy Council @ 5pm
Sep 18: Literacy Spelling Bee Fundraiser - Santa Maria City Library @ 1pm
Sep 21: Literacy Tutor Workshop - Kern Adult Literacy Council @ 5:30pm
Sep 24+: Southern California Writers' Conference Newport Beach
Sep 24: Literacy Scrabble Fundraiser - Santa Barbara Public Library @ 5pm

National Literacy Events: September 2010
Library Card Sign-Up Month @ Public Libraries Everywhere !

Sep 01+: Global Artistry Leo & Diane Dillon Ellen Noel Art Museum TX
Sep 04: Sensory Friendly Films - Nanny McPhee Returns @ 10am - AMC Theaters
Sep 07+: Knuffle Funny: Art & Whimsy Mo Willems Cincinnati Public Library
Sep 08: International Literacy Day
Sep 10: Literacy Leadership Awards Center for the Book, Library of Congress – 5:30pm
Sep 13+: National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week - Nationwide
Sep 15: Literacy Leadership Awards – Wash DC @ 5:30pm
Sep 20+: Family Literacy Training Louisville, Kentucky
Sep 21+: NC Health Literacy Conference - Greensboro NC
Sep 24: National Punctuation Day
Sep 25: National Book Festival - National Mall, Washington DC
Sep 25+: Banned Book Week
Sep 30: National StoryNight – Nationwide

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Orange Co Library - READ/Orange County - Tutors Write

READ/Orange County
Read Writes Newsletter: August 2010

Tutors Write

Some tutors write journals with their learners. Some tutors write journals for themselves. Some tutors really enjoy writing and share their enthusiasm with their learners. Some tutors dream about writing their own books, some have begun writing that book, AND some READ/OC tutors have accomplished that goal! Then, there are some tutors who are a bit uneasy about writing.

And there are a few things about writing that all tutors share and hopefully do not avoid:

• Writing lesson plans for their tutoring sessions
• Incorporating writing into tutoring lessons and learner’s goals
• Modeling writing during tutoring sessions
• Encouraging learners to write
• And, of course, writing (and submitting) monthly reports about tutoring sessions, learners’ goals and progress toward those goals

John Palmer is a tutor who does just that. John commits significant time in planning his weekly lesson plans. Each month he thoughtfully and faithfully prepares monthly reports and even gets them to the READ/OC office by the 5th of each month (often delivering them in person!).

He became a tutor with READ/OC in 2001 and has been a tutor to 5 learners. He always includes writing in his tutoring sessions and says writing helps “preserve what you hear.” When asked about the writing component in his tutoring sessions, John feels writing is a “bridge” to learning and improving reading. “When you read the words you see, you hear them in your mind.” He feels the only way to preserve reading and learning is to write it down, and “then when you read what you’ve written, you can hear the words in your head and remember.” Continued on page 4

Learners Write Too

Yun Wu came to READ/OC to get help with her reading, writing, and speaking skills.

She felt that she needed to improve those skills in order to express herself. After being assessed, Yun learned that she did not need the basic help she was seeking. What she did need was confidence. Yun was invited to attend monthly learner meetings where she would be able to work and converse with other learners who also wanted to improve their skills.

Yun began attending the meetings on a regular basis. It was in those meetings that Yun quickly gained the confidence she needed. Yun was always eager to read aloud or share her thoughts and she began to shine. She motivated and encouraged the other learners to do the same. In 2009, Yun decided to enter Writer to Writer, a writing challenge for adult learners in California Library Literacy Programs.

As required by the contest, Yun had to write a letter to the author of a book that inspired her. The book she chose was The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale. Yun was chosen as a finalist and her letter to Norman Vincent Peale was published in 2009 Writer to Writer: Letters of the Award Winners and Finalist publication. Read Yun’s letter on page 4.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Santa Maria Library - There’s a New Website for Tutors!

There’s a New Website for Tutors!Central Coast Literacy Newsletter: Spring 2010

Tutor911 is now available. Sharon Hushka, Bethel-Daytime Center Director, recently created a website with a variety of resources and information available for tutors to use as they endeavor to enhance the learning process for their students.

Some highlights are posted below.
The Tutor Workshop Handbook is available on-line, including the Table of Contents. The Life Skills page offers links to different subjects about the community, financial, and employment issues.

On the Tutor Aids page, resources offered include Dialogue: Common Student Goals. Starting with a list of more than a dozen broad topics, there are at least ten different questions (and answers) posted. These questions allow the students to discuss the different subjects. The interaction can be on a one-to-one basis or as part of a regular group discussion.

As a way to stay organized and to monitor a student's process, the tutor can use the Student Literacy Placement & Progress Record. This form provides links to resources found in the Tutor Workshop Handbook and entries for some of the materials used in teaching, i.e. English, No Problem! and Rosetta Stone.

The Central Coast Literacy Council, in partnership with the Santa Maria Public Library, has a newly redesigned website; check it out .

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

San Diego Public Library - San Diego Public Library Foundation What’s Your Story ?

San Diego Public Library Foundation
What’s Your Story ?

Maria Gonzalez
“My goal in writing my story is to let the world know the importance of literacy and how READ/San Diego affected my life and family.” Following her participation in the Library’s READ/San Diego program, Mira Gonzalez passed her GED, found a job and became active in her children’s education. Read more.

Bob Perez“I got my first library card ever at the age of 84. You are never too old to learn and you've got to make an effort to learn because it will change your life. You couldn't ask for anything better than READ/San Diego and the San Diego Public Library.” Eighty-eight-year-old Bob Perez proves you can gain literacy skills at any age. Read more.

Maria Federico “Oscar loved the book of poetry so much…he hasn’t put it down since! But I really don’t mind. I’m so happy he is reading.” Maria Federico brings her youngest children to the Library twice a month to attend the Families for Literary programs – an activity that is making a big difference for her son, Oscar Acevedo. Read more.

Evilia Herrerra“The library’s computer phonics game helped prepare my son, Angel, to read.” Five-year-old Angel Herrerra gained many skills from the Early Childhood Literacy Workstations at his branch library - including a love of learning and reading. Read more.

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