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CA & National Literacy Calendar: January 2012

California Literacy Calendar: January 2012

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- local, California and National -
Southern California Library Literacy Network
for more information

Info about local Tutor Training Workshops is always Scrolling in the Right Frame.

Southern California Literacy Events: January 2012Jan. 7 Sensory Friendly Film - Adventures of Tin Tin = 10am Check Local AMC Theaters
Jan. 7+ Riverside Dickens FestivalJan. 9+ Orton Gillingham Training = OnLine Cyberspace
Jan. 12 CATS Fundraiser – San Diego Council on Literacy = 7pm
Jan. 21 Legal Rights & Advocacy Workshop – Rancho Santa Margarita = 9am

California Literacy Events: January 2012Jan. 13+ Asilomar Reading Conference Asilomar – Pacific Grove CA
Jan. 13+ California Kindergarten Conference – Santa Clara CA

National & International Literacy Events: January 2012
Jan. 5+ Hawaii International Conference on Education – Honolulu

Jan. 7 Sensory Friendly Film - Adventures of Tin Tin = 10am Check Your Local AMC Theater
Jan. 27 Family Literacy Day – Canada

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

10 Things Tutors Can Do That Books (And Computers) Cannot . . .

10 Things Tutors Can Do That Books (And Computers) Cannot . . 12.07.2011

1. SMILE ! and 10. LISTEN !

2. Read aloud together.
Fluency (reading smoothly and with correct inflection) is very important to reading comprehension, but only speaking with other human beings can fully build this skill.

3. Model curiosity and inquiry.
Being a good tutor isn’t about what you know; it’s about showing how you know and showing others how to learn. Demonstrate the use of reference materials, and ask open ended questions that make you both think a little deeper about a topic.

4. Figure out how the skill is relevant to the learner’s life.
Every person has different goals and life experiences. Ask your learner “What should I know about you?” Write down what you hear, and then connect that information to what you are learning together. READ MORE !

Photo: John Zickefoose, Literacy Coordinator - Corona Public Library

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Los Angeles Public Library - Is Writing A Challenge ?

Is Writing A Challenge? Problems To Solutions
BenPreneur: 12.15.2011

Is writing a challenge? Yes, it is. You have to give the first step as any challenge you deal. Feel the fear but just do it anyway!. Do not play it safe. Do not color inside the lines. Just do it!

In the recent past, I participated in the 2011 Writer to Writer Challenge, invited by the Southern California Library Literacy Network.

Indeed, this challenge is an excellent chance for you to:
 share your thoughts with others in writing
 become a writer yourself
 relate what you read in a book/story or poem to your own life
 practice writing a letter, so you can write others letters on your own in the future.

I wrote my personal experience relating how a book that I read has influenced into my life. My story letter says this way,

Dear Michael McMillan
Recently, I have read your inspiring and priceless book titled “Pink Bat Turning Problems Into Solutions.” I have rejuvenated one of my life style living rituals, that is, to translate my world of problems into a world of solutions. Without doubt, your book is truly powerful life-changing. Allow me to tell you my experience and how your pink bat story impacted my life.

For my own personal decisions, I came to reside in the U.S.A. I came suffering a terrible depression mainly because of my life’s best friend passed away, who? My father. =I was ordered to take a prescription of emotional regulator, and I had been doing it for many years. In my early days, here in the city where Uncle Sam welcomed me, I was thinking how I could work out my depression, and suddenly I remembered one of my mother’s statement that has stayed with me, “my son, with health you can achieve what you set. Remember your Father.”

Great! I did some research and I found a valuable statement, “Thoughts become things”. In your words Mike it would be, “What you believe and focus on…becomes your reality.” Yes, I started to think by myself, “Ben you are healthy”. It was and is part of my daily ritual as a sort of an incantation. Also, I began to eat healthy food, tried natural supplements, and always to think in a positive way. Undoubtedly good emotional state and good humor, without perceptual blindness or inattentional blindness creates a natural chemical addiction that regulates the biochemistry of our brains. Nowadays, I overcame my emotional illness.

Indeed Mike, you are amazingly correct there is no difference between imagination and reality. Just we have to apply Pink Bat Thinking and learn to listen to our body, soul and mind. Thank you for the inspiration.
Sincerely, Benjamin J. Miranda

Thanks to Los Angeles Public Library‘s Singleton Library Adult Literacy Center. To my tutors Mr. Andres Ramos, Ms. Libby McCarthy, Mr. Manuel Barrios, and Mrs. Lisa Broderick. Thanks Teacher A.J. Hoge.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Cuts to Adult Literacy Programs in California Appear Likely

New Cuts to Adult Literacy Programs in California Appear Likely
Policy Notes: 12.12.2011 by Jeff Carter [ Reposted ]

The Sacramento Bee reports this morning that it is likely that California’s revenue expectations will fall far short of what was hoped for when the budget was passed back in in June. The Legislative Analyst’s Office is expecting $3.7 billion less than expected, and according to the budget scheme Governor Brown and the California legislature came up with last spring, this would result in automatic cuts to to libraries, universities and schools. (The governor and the California legislature inserted $2.5 billion in new cuts that automatically trigger if the Governor’s Department of Finance determines California will fall short of their revenue projections.)

These cuts will include $15 million in library funding, which would hit California’s large network of volunteer-driven adult literacy programs pretty hard. The Bee quotes Michael Dillon, a lobbyist for the California Library Foundation, who says the cuts “would significantly impact readers and people trying to get sufficient reading skills.”

In addition, it appears to me that the potential for further cuts to adult education operated by school districts is also a strong possibility. That is because further K-12 reductions are also possible, although the Bee reports that it is unclear how deep into school budgets the state will cut, if at all.

If it does, I would expect further cuts to adult education will result, as school districts respond by continuing to shift dollars away from adult education to shore up K-12 budgets. The California Budget Act (CBA) allows school districts to this, and it has been happening all over California for the last few years. I wrote about one such example here.

The new revenue forecast will be out this week.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Gifts: Support SCLLN & Literacy

Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Support SCLLN Literacy & Libraries
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This holiday season, why not make a
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$ 1,225.00
SCLLNs Fun-Raising Target: $12,025

Friday, December 2, 2011

Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy 2011 - Patricia Lorenzo Santa Clara County Library District

2011 Award Winner: Patricia Lorenzo
Santa Clara County Library District

Santa Clara County Library District Literacy Manager Honored with California Library Association Award 11.30.2011

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. - Earlier this month, at the California Library Association (CLA) Annual Conference in Pasadena, Santa Clara County Library District Literacy Manager Patricia Lorenzo was presented with the CLA 2011 Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy Award.

“This honor reflects Patricia and The Reading Program’s commitment to our patrons,” said Melinda Cervantes, Santa Clara County Library District Executive Director and County Librarian. “We are grateful the good work of our Library is recognized statewide.”

For the past year and a half, Lorenzo has managed The Reading Program, the Santa Clara County Library District’s literacy program that has helped adults learn to improve their reading and writing skills since 1985.

“Reading is such a rewarding activity because books can be faithful companions and teachers,” said County of Santa Clara Supervisor Liz Kniss, Delegate of the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority. “We celebrate this recognition and the effort it represents - developing basic skills that overcome barriers and open new doors.”

The CLA 2011 Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy Award credited Lorenzo’s leadership, positive can-do attitude, and unwavering sense of purpose to ensure the success of the literacy program.

“We could not be more proud of Patricia’s contributions to The Reading Program and its services for members of our community,” added Derek Wolfgram, Deputy County Librarian for Santa Clara County Library District and President-Elect of the California Library Association. “Patricia has guided the program through a transition that included hiring all new staff, relocating program offices, creating new promotional materials, and developing partnerships with other community agencies.”

“Thanks to the Library’s literacy program each year hundreds of tutor-learner pairs averaging 250 instructional hours per month successfully helps residents learn to read,” said County of Santa Clara Supervisor Mike Wassermann, Delegate of the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority. “We commend Patricia and The Reading Program staff and volunteers for making a significant difference in the lives of many of our residents.”

“I thank all the members of our adult literacy staff for their diligence and commitment, and our dedicated volunteer tutors for their many hours of service,” said Patricia Lorenzo in response to the award. “It has been a pleasure and a true professional privilege to work with all of these talented and enthusiastic individuals! It is incredibly satisfying to be involved in a program with such amazing transformative power to create significant positive changes in the lives of those who participate and persevere.”

The Reading Program pairs adults who want to improve their reading and writing skills with volunteer tutors who commit to at least two hours of tutoring per week. To learn more about becoming either a learner or a tutor for The Reading Program, call (408) 262-1349. READ MORE !

This award, established in 2003 (Literacy Interest Group), recognizes and honors a librarian who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support literacy.

Past Winners
2010: Anne Cain, Contra Costa County Library
2009: Derek Wolfgram, Santa Clara County Library

2008: Jean Hofacket, Alameda County Library
2007: Carol Starr, Marin County Free Library
2006: John M. Adams, Orange County Public Library
2005: Sofia Bellos, Oxnard Public Library
2004: Leslie McGinnis Rodd, Oakland Public Library
2003: Chuck Aston, Redwood City Public Library

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CA & National Literacy Calendar: December 2011

California Literacy Calendar: December 2011

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- local, California and National -
Southern California Library Literacy Network
for more information

Info about local Tutor Training Workshops is always Scrolling in the Right Frame.

Southern California Literacy Events: Decmeber 2011
Dec 1 Winter Reading Land – WORD AV Barnes Noble, Antelope Valley
Dec 5 International Volunteer Day

National & International Literacy Events: December 2011Dec 5 International Volunteer Day
Dec 7+ Publishing App Expo – NY
Dec 9+ Natl Head Start Assc Parent Training – New Orleans
Dec 9+ Zero to Three Institute – Washington DC

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pasadena Library - Guest View: Can computers replace a tutor?

Guest View: Can computers replace a tutor?
SGV Tribune: 11.23.2011 by Robert Lang

As a longstanding Pasadena Library volunteer, I have a bone to pick. I have chosen to do so publicly because I believe the issues involved go to the core of the "what, me worry?" attitude that is turning many of our public service employees into work-to-rule adversaries instead of the helpful civil servants we pay them to be.

A few months ago, the Pasadena Library system disbanded its group of 30-odd adult literacy tutors and replaced them with computer terminals. Disbelieving, I contacted the Pasadena Reads program coordinator and learned, not surprisingly, that the decision was budget-driven. Fair enough, I thought, we all have to deal with limited resources these days, but what if I were to volunteer my services on a 20-hour-a-week basis as the new administrator for the program? I put the offer in writing and asked that it be forwarded to the library's decision maker.

Having worked with several adult literacy students over the years, my wife and I have learned many lessons. First is the fact that men and women brave enough to do something about their illiteracy need and deserve a living, breathing teacher to provide the skills, feedback, praise and encouragement they must have to succeed. For all the good a completely computer-based literacy program will do them, they might just as well be tossed into a pit of vipers. You think you have a fear of computers? Try using one without being able to read the words in front of you.

Over the years, Pasadena Reads has had a dramatic impact on the lives of many our educational system has left behind. A shocking number of learners have completed junior high; some have high school diplomas. In less than 30 months, one student progressed from stumbling over a first-grade workbook to actively participating in a group discussions sponsored by Pasadena's One City, One Story program. Another student swelled with pride when two years of hard work paid off with a 50 per centage point improvement in his civil service test score. READ MORE !

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Libraries Are Essential Public Goods

Why It's Time To Speak Up For Our Libraries
Huffington Post: 11.15.2011 by Andrew Losowsky

Libraries are essential public goods.

Like our public parks and museums, public libraries are free, non-commercial gathering places for everyone, regardless of income. If information is power, then libraries are the essence of democracy and freedom. In these times of economic difficulty, more people are using them than ever, to do more than merely check out books.

Yet our nation's public libraries appear to be under threat by a litany of cuts, forced upon them by state and local committees, cuts that often began before the recent economic downturn. In a survey conducted by the Library Journal, 93% of large libraries reported having laid off staff, cut their opening hours, or both. In several states, including Indiana and Michigan, library branches have permanently closed their doors.

In a new Huffington Post series called Libraries In Crisis, we'll be looking at how today's libraries are about more than books. We'll show how they can be a community resource where reliable information and guidance is provided, free of bias and commercial influence.

This occasional series will look at the economic reasons for the current situation, and its consequences throughout the country. It will showcase models for library evolution, and hear from prominent voices about what makes a viable and vital library system. READ MORE !

Read the first piece in this series, "The Death Of The Public Library?"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

California Library Funding in Jeopardy

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED !“Spare Public Libraries From the Trigger!”

The Director of the Department of Finance asserted that the legislation, AB 121, gives the Department very little flexibility and “wiggle room.”

Libraries would have to be part of a larger, alternative compromise proposal.

If the trigger is pulled, there may be other options, including asking the legislature or the Governor to replace the $15.2 million during next year’s Budget deliberations.

For any of these efforts to work, pressure must be brought to bear by our strong grass roots library supporters.CALL – FAX - WRITE

c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento CA 95814
916 . 445 . 2841

Find your Assembly Member or State Senator

St Sen Darrell Steinberg
St Sen Bob Dutton
Assemblyman John A. Perez
Assemblywoman Connie Conway

Altogether, the new budget makes California a far meaner place than before. That's not exactly what Brown promised while campaigning at this time last year, but it's what we've got now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Huntington Beach Library - Literacy Celebrates 27th Anniversary

Literacy Celebrates 27th AnniversaryOpen Doors: September.2011

Literacy Volunteers-HBPL celebrated 27 years of teaching, learning and multi-cultural goodwill by honoring volunteers and adult learners at Central Library.

One 20-year tutor, five 15-year volunteers, four 10-year volunteers and seven five-year volunteers received pins and certificates. Outgoing board members Jerry Aspland and Mary Tamulaitis were thanked for their years of service. Principal Librarian Mary Wilson, Senior Librarian Kevin Moran, and Library Board member Dionne Cox attended the event.

The awards for Tutor and Learner of the year went to Mimi Juarez and Scott Sherman. Five Adult Learner Awards were presented:

Outstanding Achievement: June L, tutored by Corey Robb
Reading Award: Huong L, tutored by Rosemarie LeFort
Outstanding Writer: Margarita C, tutored by Linda Kimes
Persistence Award: Akiko K, tutored by Jennifer Shim
Outstanding Progress: Chase P, tutored by Jan Murphy

This fiscal year Literacy Volunteers at Central and Oak View Libraries served 600 volunteers and adult students, donating more than 15,000 hours of service to the community, the work of more than seven full-time people. Total literacy attendance including tutoring and family literacy story times exceeded 32,000. Since 1984, 5,799 literacy volunteers have helped 6,692 adult literacy students improve their skills. READ MORE !

Friday, November 4, 2011

Literacy Jobs : November

New Jobs in Literacy: November

Learner Web-California Project Manager (Part-Time)
LEAP, Richmond, 440 Civic Center Plaza
Application Deadline: ASAP
Project Duration (November 2011- August 31, 2012)

Working under the supervision of the LEAP Program Manger, the Project Manager can demonstrate experience in the following:
•Launching a short-term project that involved multiple partners and sites
•Understanding, implementing appropriate technology to facilitate communications
•Quickly learning technology to be able to assist others with its application
•Comfortable with the administration side of a Learning Management System
•Evaluation of the project
•Providing logistical and administrative support in the planning of meetings/trainings
•Familiarity with adult literacy preferred
•Bi-lingual, bi-cultural preferred

AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator
Reach Out & Read - LA and Orange Counties
Application Deadling: Dec 9
Assist with Program Quality, and recruit Reach Out and Read volunteer readers for use in community clinics at NEVHC, train them in the ROR model and assist in their supervision. In addition, the Coordinator will, in conjunction with the Reach Out and Read Program Director and NEVHC Grant Writers, assist in raising funds to purchase books and securing in-kind donations of books and resources.

AmeriCorps VISTA Early Literacy Community Outreach CoordinatorTHINK Together - Santa Ana, CA
Application Deadline: Nov 10support the project focusing on the coordination of collaborative partner activities, managing communications and outreach, and management of volunteer solutions. The member will support developing mutually beneficial partnerships with local universities, businesses, and groups and creating a more structured system of outreach which includes volunteer recruitment, training and placement as well as supporting community events.

AmeriCorps Literacy Tutor
MAAC – San Diego area
Application Deadline: Until Filled
literacy tutoring, creating youth leadership opportunities, and leading youth and adults in service learning activities. Members will also assist families/individuals with asset building and income supports services

AmeriCorps Early LiteracyFirst 5 – California
Application Deadline: Until FilledAmeriCorps Members serve in 11 diverse counties, providing crucial skill-building activities to 2-5 year olds who are at risk for low performance upon kindergarten entry. Members engage children in direct developmental activities to help children gain access to the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Friday, October 28, 2011

CA & National Literacy Calendar: November 2011

California Literacy Calendar: November 2011


Literacy & Library Events & Conferences

- local, California and National -

Southern California Library Literacy Network

for more information

Info about local Tutor Training Workshops is always Scrolling in the Right Frame.

Southern California Literacy Events: November 2011
Nov. 1 National Family Literacy Day
Nov. 2 Ladies, Lunch, and Literacy Manhattan Beach 10:30am
Nov. 4+ California Reading Assc. PDI Vacaville CA
Nov. 5 Fall Literacy Conference - South Bay Literacy Council
Nov. 5 Fall Gala: Children’s Literature Council of Southern California 12:30pm
Nov. 5 Autism Sensory Friendly Films: PUSS IN BOOTS 10am
Nov. 8 COME FLY AWAY - San Diego Council on Literacy 7pm
Nov. 9 San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival 7pm
Nov. 12 National Gaming Day @ Your LibraryNov. 19 Tellabration - Saturday before Thanksgiving
Nov. 28+ Reading Comprehension Strategies = On Line Cyberspace

California Literacy Events: November 2011
Nov. 1 National Family Literacy Day
Nov. 5 Catesol Regional - Northern California UC Davis
Nov. 10 SCLLN Professional Development Day @ CLA Pasadena CA
Nov. 11+ California Library Association Conference Pasadena

Nov. 12 CLA Keynote Presentation Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D. 8:30am
Nov. 11+ California School Library Association Conference Pasadena CA
Nov. 12 National Gaming Day @ Your Library

National & International Literacy Events: November 2011Nov. 1 National Family Literacy DayNov. 2+ Library 2.011 Worldwide Virtual Conference CyberSpace
Nov. 2+ ProLiteracy Conference USCAL Houston TX
Nov. 3+ Assistive Technology Industry Assn Conference Chicago
Nov. 3 Learning Disabilities Worldwide Conference Purchase NY
Nov. 5 Autism Sensory Friendly Films: PUSS IN BOOTS 10am
Nov. 9+ CAEL International Conference Chicago
Nov. 9+ International Dyslexia Association Conference Chicago IL

Nov.9+ National Black Storytelling Festival Atlanta
Nov. 10+ Reading Intervention Conference for Grades K-12 Jackson, Mississippi

Nov. 12 National Gaming Day @ Your LibraryNov. 13+ Connecticut Children's Book Fair University of Conneticut
Nov. 15+ Summer Changes Everything Conference San Francisco
Nov. 18+ National Council of Teachers of English Orland FL
Nov. 19+ ACTFL Convention Boston MA
Nov. 19 Tellabration
Nov. 30+ LRA National Reading Conference Jacksonville FL
Nov. 30+ TASH Annual Conference Atlanta GA

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monrovia Library - Monrovia Volunteer Dedicated to Literacy

Monrovia Volunteer Dedicated to Literacy
Joan Sinsheimer has been a longtime volunteer for literacy in Monrovia. 10.21.2011 by Alison Roeske

Artist, tutor, and fitness buff Joan Sinsheimer has traveled the world, but nowadays, she spends much of her free time at the library teaching people how to read.

She has dedicated many hours over the years to tutoring adults enrolled in Monrovia Public Library’s Literacy Services program and children in the Monrovia school district. Sinsheimer first began volunteering at Monroe Elementary because of a friend she met at her gym, Movement Unlimited.

“One of the reading specialists asked me if I wanted to be a volunteer,” said Sinsheimer. “I just wanted to contribute to the community.”

At first, Sinsheimer volunteered with Monroe Elementary’s Language Arts program, where she helped students focus on reading texts, improving their reading comprehension, and increasing their vocabulary.

Sinsheimer began working with Literacy Services when the old Monrovia Public Library building was still standing. She appreciates the new library, which she said is larger and has more access to technology. She has tutored numerous adults through Literacy Service’s program over the years.

“I like the flexibility of it. I can meet whenever it’s convenient with my student,” she said. “My student reads to me a lot. I pick words that are unfamiliar to her and she writes sentences from the new words.”

Currently, Sinsheimer works with a cosmetology student who emigrated from Mexico.

“I’ve always liked libraries, I’ve always liked schools, and I’ve always liked fitness. Those are things I seek wherever I go,” she said. READ MORE !

Friday, October 14, 2011

Newport Beach Library - Castles made of sand

Castles made of sand
Commodore Club's annual contest draws artists, spectators to Big Corona on Sunday.
Daily Pilot: 10.03.2011 by Amy Senk

CORONA DEL MAR — There were mermaids reading books, a whale, a pyramid — even a crime scene where a sand kid who smashed a sand castle was being pursued by a sand detective — that were all part of the Corona del Mar Sandcastle Contest at Big Corona beach on Sunday.

"That's funny," said Mark Philipp of Aliso Viejo as he surveyed the "Castle Smashing Investigation" sculpture.

"It's amazing," his wife, Beth Philipp, said. "I just am amazed at all the creativity. There's a lot of hard work."

The teams set up before lunch in their assigned plots, using buckets to tote seawater to create slurries of sand. They worked from drawings and plans, forming their creations and then using brushes and other tools to get the details just right.

"They said, 'Make scales,' and the next thing you know, you're a professional scaler," said Danny Sullivan, who worked on the mermaids that formed the logo for the Newport-Mesa ProLiteracy entry. READ MORE !

Friday, October 7, 2011

Health Literacy Month - October 2011

Health Literacy Month

Health Literacy: Choose Your Poison
Play: Pills or Candy Game

California Poison Control System
Medications can easily be mistaken for candy.Out of more than 4 million poisonings reported each year to poison control centers across the country, it is estimated that over 90% of them occur in the home.

The majority of non-fatal poisonings occur in children under the age of 6.The CPCS provides California residents with the most up-to-date information and 24-hour help in case of poison exposure. Pharmacists, nurses, physician-toxicologists and poison information providers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:
1 . 800 . 222 . 1222

Text Messaging (SMS)
TIPS to 69866
in Spanish - PUNTOS to 69866

Free “Ask An Expert” on Facebook

Follow CPCS on Twitter

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Professional Development Day: November 10

SCLLN Professional Development Day
November 10, 2011
@ California Library Association Conference7:00 am - 4:30 pm
Hilton Pasadena
168 South Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

Join SCLLN for an info-packed day of workshops on leading your literacy program into the future and maximizing your impact with your stake holders:

Morning Sessions: 9am-11:15am [ choice of 1 ]
Sense & Sensibility
~ sensibly creating boundaries in literacy programs
Panel Discussion

Connecting With Your Community
~ building relationships
Cathay Reta, Literacy Coordinator
Azusa City Library

Afternoon Sessions: 1:45pm-4pm [ choice of 1 ]
Making the Most of Your VolunteerMatch Account
~ using new tools & features
Jennifer Bennett, Senior Manager Education & Training

21st Century Skills & Digital Literacy
~ what do learners & tutors need to know
Marian Thacher, Director


Registration: $175.00
Includes: Continental Breakfast and Lunch

Space is limited, please register as early as possible !

Thursday, September 29, 2011

CA & National Literacy Calendar: October 2011

California Literacy Calendar: October 2011
Health Literacy Month
National Book Month

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- local, California and National -
Southern California Library Literacy Network
for more information

Info about local Tutor Training Workshops is always Scrolling in the Right Frame.

Southern California Literacy Events: October 2011
Oct 1: Sensory Friendly Film – DOLPHIN TALE @ local AMC Theaters
Oct 2: Children’s Book Festival – Costa Mesa
Oct 6: Read For The Record – LLAMA LLAMA RED PAJAMA
Oct 8+ Latino Book & Family Festival – CSULA
Oct 15: CATESOL Regional – S Diego
Oct 16: Dictionary Day
Oct 16+ Teen Read Week
Oct 21: Help Group Summit, Autism LD ADHA – Skirball LA
Oct 22: CATESOL Regional – Cypress College
Oct 22: Different Learners – Glendora Library @ 10am

California Literacy Events: October 2011
Oct 1: Sensory Friendly Film – DOLPHIN TALE @ local AMC Theaters
Oct 6: Read For The Record – LLAMA LLAMA RED PAJAMAOct 7+ LitQuake – S Francisco
Oct 16: Dictionary Day
Oct 16+ Teen Read Week
Oct 17+ Internet Librarian – Monterey

National & International Literacy Events: October 2011Oct 1: Sensory Friendly Film – DOLPHIN TALE @ local AMC Theaters
Oct 6: Read For The Record – LLAMA LLAMA RED PAJAMA
Oct 7+ Natl Storytelling Festival – Jonesborough TN
Oct 9+ Natl Adult Learner Leadership Inst – Sacramento
Oct 11+ Closing the Gap ConF – Bloomington MN
Oct 12+ Ohio Health Literacy Conf – Cleveland
Oct 13+ Comicon – NY NY
Oct 14+ Conf of the Book – U of Toronto
Oct 16: Dictionary DayOct 16+ Teen Read WeekOct 17+ Alliance for Children & Families Conf – DC
Oct 17+ Health Literacy Research Conf – Northwestern Univ
Oct 22+ Natl Literacy Coalition Conf – Houston TX
Oct 22+ Natl Co Workforce Education – St Louis MO
Oct 27+ Conf on Learning Disabilities – Austin TX
Oct 30+ AAACE Conf – Indianapolis IN

CyberspaceOct 24+ Orton Gillingham OverviewOct 24+ What is Dyslexia – In Depth Look

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Literacy Library Job: Tulare County

Tulare County Library
Full Time Job
Library Program and Literacy Specialist
Closing Date/Time: Tuesday. Oct. 11, 2911 @ 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Coordinate a number of Library Literacy Service Programs with Tulare County:
-identify, implement, and evaluate methods to increase the literacy rate in the community
-recruit, train, monitor and evaluate literacy volunteer tutors
-enhance the public relations campaigns to increase public awareness and attract tutors and participants
-collaborate with other literacy programs throughout the County
-select and purchase books and materials for tutor training, learner use, resource collections, and public awareness
-arrange and coordinate tutor training classes and support meetings
-make presentations at various public meetings and forums to explain literacy programs and services available through the library system
-coordinate fund raising efforts for literacy programs
-monitor program goals, objectives, services and budget

Coordinate and train facilitators for the English Speakers of Other Languages Conversation Circle services throughout Tulare County; coordinate all Family Literacy programs offered through the Literacy Center, and track and report all successes, challenges, and other relevant data to management.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oceanside Library - Literacy program rewarding for tutors, learners

Literacy program rewarding for tutors, learners
North County Times: 9.20.2011 by Lola Sherman

About 1,200 people have been helped by Oceanside Reads literacy center since it opened 14 years ago.

On a recent day at the center, tutor Mary Lou Elliott and learner Mei Tran discussed the grammatical differences between "who" and "whom," while tutor Robin Ferencz-Kotfica helped Arturo Lopez put information into an email file and send it.

English isn't the first language for Tran, who is from Siem Reap, Cambodia, and Arturo, who hails from Oaxaca, Mexico, but the program is not necessarily geared to non-native speakers.

Learners have to be able to communicate in English. About half of them over the years have been native English speakers, according to Corrie Miles, the program's director. They simply never learned to read and write in their own language.

Elliott recalled a learner who had been in prison for a long time and came out wanting to learn to read.

She also remembers the thrill that a learner expressed when he called to say how excited he was when he went into a public bathroom and realized he could read the words "wet floor" on a sign and knew what they meant.

Miles said many students have high-school diplomas, having been "socially promoted" through the school system perhaps 20 to 30 years earlier.

Elliott has been a tutor for nine years and Ferencz-Kotfica for three, including two years in New York where she learned how much she liked it.

Generally, Miles said, tutoring sessions run for 90 minutes twice a week when the center is open: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesdays and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays.

As with all other library programs, hours have been cut due to budget constraints. READ MORE !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Luis Obispo Library - Mincing Words Exhibit - September

'Mincing Words': Exhibit in San Luis Obispo
The works on display at Linnaea’s Cafe in SLO this month incorporate and honor the written word
Tribune: 8.11.2011 by Lee Sutter

The exhibit at Linnaea’s that combines art with text is nothing new, as Picasso and cohorts explored such methods during their Synthetic Cubism period 100 years ago.

It’s an intriguing concept, however, and a refreshing change. It also ties in with National Literacy Month and the Art of the Book exhibits at local libraries.

Ursula Black’s disturbing painting includes a poem she wrote “All the rest of us took text from someone else,” said Lena Rushing, show organizer.

Although the Dadaist European artistic and literary movement of the early 20th Century used text, its intent was to mock conventional art. That is not this exhibit’s thrust. Rather this exhibit intends to honor the written word, whether it’s literature, lyrics, poetry, or famous quotes.

“Even if you’re not somebody who reads a lot, you’re probably moved by lyrics, or recall a book from childhood,” said Rushing.

Among her many entries are two paintings based on Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem “Jabberwocky.” Rushing’s mother had once painted the imaginary figure from “Through the Looking Glass” on an apartment wall, and later a photo of that work appeared in Rushing’s various childhood homes. Her brother even got a tattoo of the monster. READ MORE !

Friday, September 9, 2011

Redlands Library - Redlands event celebrates international literature

Redlands event celebrates international literature
Redlands Daily Facts: 9.06.2022 by Molly Davis

Reading is usually a solitary endeavor. But on Tuesday, International Literacy Day, readers from all over the world showed how books can bring people together.

The Friends of the A.K. Smiley Public Library held an open house Tuesday evening to highlight the importance of literacy, reading and writing. The open house also shared information about the adult literacy program.

"It's a wide spectrum of things," said Trudy Waldron, the volunteer coordinator for the adult literature program.

Several local speakers shared their knowledge of other countries' literature and talked about their experiences with reading and interpreting foreign literature.

The event was "one more way to get our message out," said Waldron.

One in five adults in the United States lack the ability to read and function at the appropriate level, she said.

"Our community has its fair share of people who need extra help," she added. READ MORE !

Newport Beach Library - Literacy Program Celebrates Learners at Library Event

Literacy Program Celebrates Learners at Library Event
Corona Del Mar Today: 9.08.2011

Effy Sanchez knew she needed to learn English — really learn to read and write and speak it — when her son was 5 years old and they were shopping at Kmart.

“He stopped me and he said, very loud, ‘You need to learn English,’” Sanchez said. “That made me so embarrassed. I knew in my head the first time I needed to learn English.”

Sanchez was born in Mexico and moved to the United States 26 years ago, but learning a second language always proved too difficult until a supervisor told her about the Newport Beach Public Library Literacy Services program. Her tutor, Vicky Smith, worked with her, helping her learn new words, grammar and how to read.

Today, Sanchez received the Rochelle Hoffman Memorial Award, given each year to a standout “learner” in the Literacy Services program. The award is named for a Corona del Mar woman who volunteered as a tutor before her death in 2004. Her daughters, Renee Hoffman Heath and Risa Hoffman, attended the event.

Sanchez lives in Costa Mesa and is a beacon for her community, Smith said during the ceremony today in the Friends Room of the Central Library. About 70 people attended the event, which was part of a celebration of International Literacy Day.

The library’s literacy program was established in 1986 and currently has 151 learners and 110 volunteer tutors. About 50 tutors are trained each year, but the program has about 30 people on a waiting list, said Cherall Weiss, literary services coordinator. READ MORE !

Thursday, September 8, 2011

International Literacy Day: September 8 2011

Speak Out for Literacy

Southern California Library Literacy Network member libraries change lives by providing FREE Adult Literacy, Family Literacy, ESL and Youth Literacy programs in communities from Santa Barbara to San Diego. SCLLN also provides Professional Development and an outstanding Tutor Conference each year. Contact any of our member libraries listed on the SCLLN Members Page for more information.

California Library Literacy Services (CLLS) is a program of the California State Library. The mission of CLLS is to enable Californians of all ages to reach their literacy goals and use library services effectively. California has approximately 3.4 million adults with below basic literacy skills. Over 100 CLLS libraries serve nearly 20,000 adults annually in over 800 library branches and other outlets statewide. As a result, these adults are voting for the first time, reading newspapers, reading aloud to their children, and securing jobs.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Redlands Library - Celebrate International Literacy Day

Celebrate International Literacy Day
Redlands Daily Facts: 9.02.2011

The Friends of the A.K. Smiley Public Library will hold an open house celebrating International Literacy Day from 5-7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Assembly Room of the A.K. Smiley Public Library, 125 W. Vine St., Redlands.

The Friends of the Library are sponsoring the event to highlight the importance of reading and writing in the United States and throughout the world as a pathway to promote employment, ensure good health and reduce crime.
The theme of the event is "Books are our passport to the world." International desserts and coffee will be served.

Carey Curtis Smith, who is a new volunteer with the Redlands Adult Literacy Program, will be a featured speaker. Smith was selected in 2005 as one of Inland Empire Magazine's top 12 artists.

Smith plans to speak about "the connectivity of books, language and the degrees of separation that can thread them, often unawares, into one's life."
The literacy open house will begin with speakers who will focus on the literature and customs of other countries. READ MORE !

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CA & National Literacy Calendar: September 2011

California Literacy Calendar: September 2011
September - Library Card Sign-Up Month

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- local, California and National -
Southern California Library Literacy Network
for more information

Info about local Tutor Training Workshops is always Scrolling in the Right Frame.

Local & California Literacy Events: September 2011 September – Festival of Children @ South Coast Plaza – Costa Mesa
Sep 8: International Literacy Day Sep 17: Word AV Festival – Lancaster
Sep 17: High Desert Ride for Literacy – Lancaster
Sep 18: Central Coast Book Festival – San Luis Obispo
Sep 23+: Southern California Writer’s Conf - LA

National & International Literacy Events: September 2011 Sep 8: International Literacy Day
Sep 12+:
Natl Adult Education & Family Literacy Week
Sep 14:
Literacy Leadership Awards – Washington DC
Sep 16+: KidLitCon - Seattle
Sep 20:
National Day of Writing Sep 22+: Center for Health Literacy Conf – Arlington VA
Sep 23+: WCD Expo – Atlantic City NJ
Sep 24+:
Banned Book Week
Sep 24: National Punctuation Day
Sep 24+: National Book Festival – Washington DC
Sep 30: Boston Globe – Horn Book Awards – Simmons College MA

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oceanside Library - Progress Is Their Password

Progress Is Their Password
Oceanside Reads: Fall 2011

When lives intersect at READS the probability of positive results is pretty good. That seems to be the case with tutor Gay Hartman and student Elena Rodriguez, whose lives were guided onto a common path more than five years ago by READS Coordinator Corrie Miles. Since then Gay and Elena have spent many hours traveling that trail—a trail lined with the rewards of a richer understanding of the language.

Elena, who was born at Camp Pendleton and lived in Encinitas as a child, has already reaped some of those rewards and continues to gather more. Her learning journey with Gay has improved her word recognition and reading comprehension significantly, she says, along with strengthening her self esteem.
Gay, one of five children, was born in southwest Louisiana but has been a Californian for more than 50 years. She arrived at READS with a background as an elementary school teacher in the Orange Unified School District. She has lived in Oceanside for about eight years, and her work with Elena fits her lifestyle to perfection because she finds joy in volunteer work on several fronts.

In addition to her service at READS, Gay tutors math at Lincoln Middle School in Oceanside and helps with fund-raising for the City of Hope. She also presides over the local chapter of the Organization for Rehabilitation and Training “which supports education and training for students at risk all over the world.” And she counts herself among the volunteers at the library in Ocean Hills, the community where she lives.

Elena is the second of seven children. Her mother hails from Texas and her father from Mexico. So when she was young, “I spoke both English and Spanish at home,” she says. Her Grandfather Joseph served in the Marines, which led to her mother giving birth at Camp Pendleton.

Improving her English reading and writing skills has long been a struggle for Elena, but her work with Gay has boosted her confidence, and she remains committed to continuing her progress. READ MORE !