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CA & National Literacy Calendar: May 2011

California Literacy Calendar: May 2011

SCLLN Literacy & Library Events & Conferences: local, California and National.
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Local Literacy Events: May 2011
May 5+ Village of Tales Storytelling Festival Ojai CA
May 7 Spring Workshop: Children's Literature Council Los Angeles Public Library
May.14 Women's Literary Festival - Santa Barbara
May 17 7:30pm Special Education:Challenges-Triumphs Providence Tarzana Med Ctr
May 18 5:30pm Eat Drink Read = San Diego Council Literacy

California Literacy Events: May 2011May. 5+ Health Literacy Conference Irvine CA
May 13 9am Tulare County Learner-Tutor Conference Three Rivers CA
May 18 Library Legislative Day - California Library Assn. Sacramento CA
National & International Literacy Events: May 2011
May 2+ Children's Book Week

May. 4+ Plain Talk About Reading Institute New Orleans
May. 4+ Solutions for Assistive Technology Conference Baton Rouge LA
May. 5+ Health Literacy Conference Irvine CA
May 7 Toy Library Association Conference Paramus NJ
May 8+ IRA Annual Conference Orlando FL
May 9+ National Library Legislative Day Upper Senate Park
May 17+ Computer Assisted Lang Instruction Cons - Univ of Victoria, BC
May 23+ BookExpo America NY NY
May 25+ Canadian Library Association Conference Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 27+ Storytellers of Canada Conference Yellowknife Northwest Territories

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oceanside Library - A Pair of Honorees

A Pair of Honorees
Oceanside Reads: Spring 2011

Two women who have joined the READS tutoring team within the last two years were honored at this year’s library volunteers luncheon in late February. They are Alma Sisco-Smith and Andrea Spolidoro.

Both of these high-energy women have been busy in recent months laying the groundwork for a larger and stronger READS program—in addition to keeping up with their regular tutoring assignments. They have mapped the program’s strengths and weaknesses, based on tutor and learner input, and have begun the search for additional financial support.

In addition, along with Coordinator Corrie Miles, they have been in close touch with Library Director Deborah Polich about strategies to keep the library’s literacy arm as strong as possible amid difficult financial times.

Andrea comes to READS from a background of working with low-income and minority populations as an administrator, trainer, and community organizer. Her last position was that of associate director of the Asian and Pacific Islander Older Adults Task Force in Los Angeles County. At READS, Andrea is currently working with learner Xinzhi.

Alma has had a long career at UC San Francisco, where she held a number of key positions, including that of director for the Worklife Resource Center. The center is responsible for overseeing campus initiatives to improve diversity, equity, conflict resolution, and mediation. She has also been a successful grant writer and brings that skill to the table at READS. Her current learner at READS is Toan, formerly of Vietnam.

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SCLLN Member Page

SCLLN Member Page

We have a page of our SCLLN member libraries.
The page has links and phone numbers for each library.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Corona Library :: John Zickefoose Learned To Read At 35, Now Shares His Literacy Struggle With Kids

From illiterate to role model
Once, John Zickefoose couldn't read to his children or order from a menu. Today, he's a school board member and Corona library advocate.
LA Times: January 5, 2011 by Carla Rivera

The metamorphosis is as quick as the turn of a page: John Zickefoose is a hyperactive goose, a laid-back bear, a monkey, a tiger. The children at the Corona Public Library squeal with laughter as the man whose name rhymes with Seuss becomes louder and more animated.

There was a time when reading the simple words of a picture book would have proved impossible for Zickefoose. He spent years in school overwhelmed with sadness that nothing came as easily to him as it did for others. He would become rowdy, preferring to be kicked out of class than to be called on by the teacher.

Zickefoose was functionally illiterate, unable to read a prescription label, his children's report cards or a menu. He was diagnosed as a young boy with dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and didn't learn to read and write until he was 35.

That's when everything changed. He became a poster boy for the Corona library's adult reading program, began to speak publicly about his own struggles and was named the library's literacy director. He founded a nonprofit youth organization.

And on Dec. 7, Zickefoose, 52, was sworn in as a member of the Corona-Norco Unified School District Board of Education.

For the boy who couldn't understand the words on his high school diploma, the journey to the school board was the culmination of a vow to do something meaningful in life and help prevent others from starting out as he did.

"I'll be able to bring, quite frankly, an unusual perspective of what it feels like to be in the classroom and be a failure," Zickefoose said. "I don't want any child to go through what I went through."

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An estimated 30 million American adults can't read a newspaper or fill out a job application. Many have learning disabilities. Others are dropouts, victims of failing school systems. Some are immigrants with deficient English language skills who may also be illiterate in their native tongues.

But Zickefoose is also an anomaly. Only about 5% of adults who need services receive them, mainly because there is still so much shame attached to the condition, said David C. Harvey, president and chief executive of ProLiteracy, an international advocacy group. Zickefoose serves on the board of directors.

"John is a national role model because one of the most effective ways to break down that stigma is to have people who have had this problem talk about it," Harvey said. "He's a shining example of what can happen when someone gets services and puts those new skills to work."

6 6 6 6 6 6 6

Now outreach coordinator at the library, Zickefoose appears to be straight-arrow, business-minded, even professorial. But his tie, with an imprint of the Looney Tunes' Tasmanian Devil, hints at a whimsical nature.

He formed UNITY (United Neighbors Involving Today's Youth) in 1996, and it has evolved into a coalition of 80 public and private agencies that have secured more than $17 million for the Corona-Norco school district. A generation of students know him as Mr. Z from his appearances at school assemblies where he preaches perseverance, using his own life as an example.

As a school board member, Zickefoose wants to prepare students earlier for college and a career and to pursue more outside funds for such school programs as arts and music. READ MORE !

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Google Blogger - Broken Unusable

Google’s “Simple-to-use interface” on Blogger hasn’t worked since about March 28, 2011. Every New Post is automatically formatted as a paragraph –and there’s usually a space of 2-3 lines between more than 1 paragraph. The result: Blogger looks ugly Blogger is quite useless Blogger is currently a disservice to readers, followers and those of us who blog. I haven’t posted a single post about literacy or libraries since March 28. Google has not explained or addressed this problem When is Google Blogger going to FIX THIS ? IS Google Blogger going to FIX THIS ? Suggestions that using Chrome, Firefox, etc. is a solution -NOT ! Suggestions that the ‘ Updated Editor ‘ is a solution – NOT ! -the Updated Editor has been and continues to be AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL . Explorer worked fine as of March 28th. The “ Old Editor “ worked fine as of March 28th. It is April 13 and still nothing works.