Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CA & National Literacy Calendar: December 2011

California Literacy Calendar: December 2011

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
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Southern California Literacy Events: Decmeber 2011
Dec 1 Winter Reading Land – WORD AV Barnes Noble, Antelope Valley
Dec 5 International Volunteer Day

National & International Literacy Events: December 2011Dec 5 International Volunteer Day
Dec 7+ Publishing App Expo – NY
Dec 9+ Natl Head Start Assc Parent Training – New Orleans
Dec 9+ Zero to Three Institute – Washington DC

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pasadena Library - Guest View: Can computers replace a tutor?

Guest View: Can computers replace a tutor?
SGV Tribune: 11.23.2011 by Robert Lang

As a longstanding Pasadena Library volunteer, I have a bone to pick. I have chosen to do so publicly because I believe the issues involved go to the core of the "what, me worry?" attitude that is turning many of our public service employees into work-to-rule adversaries instead of the helpful civil servants we pay them to be.

A few months ago, the Pasadena Library system disbanded its group of 30-odd adult literacy tutors and replaced them with computer terminals. Disbelieving, I contacted the Pasadena Reads program coordinator and learned, not surprisingly, that the decision was budget-driven. Fair enough, I thought, we all have to deal with limited resources these days, but what if I were to volunteer my services on a 20-hour-a-week basis as the new administrator for the program? I put the offer in writing and asked that it be forwarded to the library's decision maker.

Having worked with several adult literacy students over the years, my wife and I have learned many lessons. First is the fact that men and women brave enough to do something about their illiteracy need and deserve a living, breathing teacher to provide the skills, feedback, praise and encouragement they must have to succeed. For all the good a completely computer-based literacy program will do them, they might just as well be tossed into a pit of vipers. You think you have a fear of computers? Try using one without being able to read the words in front of you.

Over the years, Pasadena Reads has had a dramatic impact on the lives of many our educational system has left behind. A shocking number of learners have completed junior high; some have high school diplomas. In less than 30 months, one student progressed from stumbling over a first-grade workbook to actively participating in a group discussions sponsored by Pasadena's One City, One Story program. Another student swelled with pride when two years of hard work paid off with a 50 per centage point improvement in his civil service test score. READ MORE !

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Libraries Are Essential Public Goods

Why It's Time To Speak Up For Our Libraries
Huffington Post: 11.15.2011 by Andrew Losowsky

Libraries are essential public goods.

Like our public parks and museums, public libraries are free, non-commercial gathering places for everyone, regardless of income. If information is power, then libraries are the essence of democracy and freedom. In these times of economic difficulty, more people are using them than ever, to do more than merely check out books.

Yet our nation's public libraries appear to be under threat by a litany of cuts, forced upon them by state and local committees, cuts that often began before the recent economic downturn. In a survey conducted by the Library Journal, 93% of large libraries reported having laid off staff, cut their opening hours, or both. In several states, including Indiana and Michigan, library branches have permanently closed their doors.

In a new Huffington Post series called Libraries In Crisis, we'll be looking at how today's libraries are about more than books. We'll show how they can be a community resource where reliable information and guidance is provided, free of bias and commercial influence.

This occasional series will look at the economic reasons for the current situation, and its consequences throughout the country. It will showcase models for library evolution, and hear from prominent voices about what makes a viable and vital library system. READ MORE !

Read the first piece in this series, "The Death Of The Public Library?"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

California Library Funding in Jeopardy

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED !“Spare Public Libraries From the Trigger!”

The Director of the Department of Finance asserted that the legislation, AB 121, gives the Department very little flexibility and “wiggle room.”

Libraries would have to be part of a larger, alternative compromise proposal.

If the trigger is pulled, there may be other options, including asking the legislature or the Governor to replace the $15.2 million during next year’s Budget deliberations.

For any of these efforts to work, pressure must be brought to bear by our strong grass roots library supporters.CALL – FAX - WRITE

c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento CA 95814
916 . 445 . 2841

Find your Assembly Member or State Senator

St Sen Darrell Steinberg
St Sen Bob Dutton
Assemblyman John A. Perez
Assemblywoman Connie Conway

Altogether, the new budget makes California a far meaner place than before. That's not exactly what Brown promised while campaigning at this time last year, but it's what we've got now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Huntington Beach Library - Literacy Celebrates 27th Anniversary

Literacy Celebrates 27th AnniversaryOpen Doors: September.2011

Literacy Volunteers-HBPL celebrated 27 years of teaching, learning and multi-cultural goodwill by honoring volunteers and adult learners at Central Library.

One 20-year tutor, five 15-year volunteers, four 10-year volunteers and seven five-year volunteers received pins and certificates. Outgoing board members Jerry Aspland and Mary Tamulaitis were thanked for their years of service. Principal Librarian Mary Wilson, Senior Librarian Kevin Moran, and Library Board member Dionne Cox attended the event.

The awards for Tutor and Learner of the year went to Mimi Juarez and Scott Sherman. Five Adult Learner Awards were presented:

Outstanding Achievement: June L, tutored by Corey Robb
Reading Award: Huong L, tutored by Rosemarie LeFort
Outstanding Writer: Margarita C, tutored by Linda Kimes
Persistence Award: Akiko K, tutored by Jennifer Shim
Outstanding Progress: Chase P, tutored by Jan Murphy

This fiscal year Literacy Volunteers at Central and Oak View Libraries served 600 volunteers and adult students, donating more than 15,000 hours of service to the community, the work of more than seven full-time people. Total literacy attendance including tutoring and family literacy story times exceeded 32,000. Since 1984, 5,799 literacy volunteers have helped 6,692 adult literacy students improve their skills. READ MORE !

Friday, November 4, 2011

Literacy Jobs : November

New Jobs in Literacy: November

Learner Web-California Project Manager (Part-Time)
LEAP, Richmond, 440 Civic Center Plaza
Application Deadline: ASAP
Project Duration (November 2011- August 31, 2012)

Working under the supervision of the LEAP Program Manger, the Project Manager can demonstrate experience in the following:
•Launching a short-term project that involved multiple partners and sites
•Understanding, implementing appropriate technology to facilitate communications
•Quickly learning technology to be able to assist others with its application
•Comfortable with the administration side of a Learning Management System
•Evaluation of the project
•Providing logistical and administrative support in the planning of meetings/trainings
•Familiarity with adult literacy preferred
•Bi-lingual, bi-cultural preferred

AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator
Reach Out & Read - LA and Orange Counties
Application Deadling: Dec 9
Assist with Program Quality, and recruit Reach Out and Read volunteer readers for use in community clinics at NEVHC, train them in the ROR model and assist in their supervision. In addition, the Coordinator will, in conjunction with the Reach Out and Read Program Director and NEVHC Grant Writers, assist in raising funds to purchase books and securing in-kind donations of books and resources.

AmeriCorps VISTA Early Literacy Community Outreach CoordinatorTHINK Together - Santa Ana, CA
Application Deadline: Nov 10support the project focusing on the coordination of collaborative partner activities, managing communications and outreach, and management of volunteer solutions. The member will support developing mutually beneficial partnerships with local universities, businesses, and groups and creating a more structured system of outreach which includes volunteer recruitment, training and placement as well as supporting community events.

AmeriCorps Literacy Tutor
MAAC – San Diego area
Application Deadline: Until Filled
literacy tutoring, creating youth leadership opportunities, and leading youth and adults in service learning activities. Members will also assist families/individuals with asset building and income supports services

AmeriCorps Early LiteracyFirst 5 – California
Application Deadline: Until FilledAmeriCorps Members serve in 11 diverse counties, providing crucial skill-building activities to 2-5 year olds who are at risk for low performance upon kindergarten entry. Members engage children in direct developmental activities to help children gain access to the knowledge and skills necessary for success.