Thursday, December 29, 2011

CA & National Literacy Calendar: January 2012

California Literacy Calendar: January 2012

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- local, California and National -
Southern California Library Literacy Network
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Info about local Tutor Training Workshops is always Scrolling in the Right Frame.

Southern California Literacy Events: January 2012Jan. 7 Sensory Friendly Film - Adventures of Tin Tin = 10am Check Local AMC Theaters
Jan. 7+ Riverside Dickens FestivalJan. 9+ Orton Gillingham Training = OnLine Cyberspace
Jan. 12 CATS Fundraiser – San Diego Council on Literacy = 7pm
Jan. 21 Legal Rights & Advocacy Workshop – Rancho Santa Margarita = 9am

California Literacy Events: January 2012Jan. 13+ Asilomar Reading Conference Asilomar – Pacific Grove CA
Jan. 13+ California Kindergarten Conference – Santa Clara CA

National & International Literacy Events: January 2012
Jan. 5+ Hawaii International Conference on Education – Honolulu

Jan. 7 Sensory Friendly Film - Adventures of Tin Tin = 10am Check Your Local AMC Theater
Jan. 27 Family Literacy Day – Canada

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

10 Things Tutors Can Do That Books (And Computers) Cannot . . .

10 Things Tutors Can Do That Books (And Computers) Cannot . . 12.07.2011

1. SMILE ! and 10. LISTEN !

2. Read aloud together.
Fluency (reading smoothly and with correct inflection) is very important to reading comprehension, but only speaking with other human beings can fully build this skill.

3. Model curiosity and inquiry.
Being a good tutor isn’t about what you know; it’s about showing how you know and showing others how to learn. Demonstrate the use of reference materials, and ask open ended questions that make you both think a little deeper about a topic.

4. Figure out how the skill is relevant to the learner’s life.
Every person has different goals and life experiences. Ask your learner “What should I know about you?” Write down what you hear, and then connect that information to what you are learning together. READ MORE !

Photo: John Zickefoose, Literacy Coordinator - Corona Public Library

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Los Angeles Public Library - Is Writing A Challenge ?

Is Writing A Challenge? Problems To Solutions
BenPreneur: 12.15.2011

Is writing a challenge? Yes, it is. You have to give the first step as any challenge you deal. Feel the fear but just do it anyway!. Do not play it safe. Do not color inside the lines. Just do it!

In the recent past, I participated in the 2011 Writer to Writer Challenge, invited by the Southern California Library Literacy Network.

Indeed, this challenge is an excellent chance for you to:
 share your thoughts with others in writing
 become a writer yourself
 relate what you read in a book/story or poem to your own life
 practice writing a letter, so you can write others letters on your own in the future.

I wrote my personal experience relating how a book that I read has influenced into my life. My story letter says this way,

Dear Michael McMillan
Recently, I have read your inspiring and priceless book titled “Pink Bat Turning Problems Into Solutions.” I have rejuvenated one of my life style living rituals, that is, to translate my world of problems into a world of solutions. Without doubt, your book is truly powerful life-changing. Allow me to tell you my experience and how your pink bat story impacted my life.

For my own personal decisions, I came to reside in the U.S.A. I came suffering a terrible depression mainly because of my life’s best friend passed away, who? My father. =I was ordered to take a prescription of emotional regulator, and I had been doing it for many years. In my early days, here in the city where Uncle Sam welcomed me, I was thinking how I could work out my depression, and suddenly I remembered one of my mother’s statement that has stayed with me, “my son, with health you can achieve what you set. Remember your Father.”

Great! I did some research and I found a valuable statement, “Thoughts become things”. In your words Mike it would be, “What you believe and focus on…becomes your reality.” Yes, I started to think by myself, “Ben you are healthy”. It was and is part of my daily ritual as a sort of an incantation. Also, I began to eat healthy food, tried natural supplements, and always to think in a positive way. Undoubtedly good emotional state and good humor, without perceptual blindness or inattentional blindness creates a natural chemical addiction that regulates the biochemistry of our brains. Nowadays, I overcame my emotional illness.

Indeed Mike, you are amazingly correct there is no difference between imagination and reality. Just we have to apply Pink Bat Thinking and learn to listen to our body, soul and mind. Thank you for the inspiration.
Sincerely, Benjamin J. Miranda

Thanks to Los Angeles Public Library‘s Singleton Library Adult Literacy Center. To my tutors Mr. Andres Ramos, Ms. Libby McCarthy, Mr. Manuel Barrios, and Mrs. Lisa Broderick. Thanks Teacher A.J. Hoge.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Cuts to Adult Literacy Programs in California Appear Likely

New Cuts to Adult Literacy Programs in California Appear Likely
Policy Notes: 12.12.2011 by Jeff Carter [ Reposted ]

The Sacramento Bee reports this morning that it is likely that California’s revenue expectations will fall far short of what was hoped for when the budget was passed back in in June. The Legislative Analyst’s Office is expecting $3.7 billion less than expected, and according to the budget scheme Governor Brown and the California legislature came up with last spring, this would result in automatic cuts to to libraries, universities and schools. (The governor and the California legislature inserted $2.5 billion in new cuts that automatically trigger if the Governor’s Department of Finance determines California will fall short of their revenue projections.)

These cuts will include $15 million in library funding, which would hit California’s large network of volunteer-driven adult literacy programs pretty hard. The Bee quotes Michael Dillon, a lobbyist for the California Library Foundation, who says the cuts “would significantly impact readers and people trying to get sufficient reading skills.”

In addition, it appears to me that the potential for further cuts to adult education operated by school districts is also a strong possibility. That is because further K-12 reductions are also possible, although the Bee reports that it is unclear how deep into school budgets the state will cut, if at all.

If it does, I would expect further cuts to adult education will result, as school districts respond by continuing to shift dollars away from adult education to shore up K-12 budgets. The California Budget Act (CBA) allows school districts to this, and it has been happening all over California for the last few years. I wrote about one such example here.

The new revenue forecast will be out this week.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy 2011 - Patricia Lorenzo Santa Clara County Library District

2011 Award Winner: Patricia Lorenzo
Santa Clara County Library District

Santa Clara County Library District Literacy Manager Honored with California Library Association Award 11.30.2011

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. - Earlier this month, at the California Library Association (CLA) Annual Conference in Pasadena, Santa Clara County Library District Literacy Manager Patricia Lorenzo was presented with the CLA 2011 Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy Award.

“This honor reflects Patricia and The Reading Program’s commitment to our patrons,” said Melinda Cervantes, Santa Clara County Library District Executive Director and County Librarian. “We are grateful the good work of our Library is recognized statewide.”

For the past year and a half, Lorenzo has managed The Reading Program, the Santa Clara County Library District’s literacy program that has helped adults learn to improve their reading and writing skills since 1985.

“Reading is such a rewarding activity because books can be faithful companions and teachers,” said County of Santa Clara Supervisor Liz Kniss, Delegate of the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority. “We celebrate this recognition and the effort it represents - developing basic skills that overcome barriers and open new doors.”

The CLA 2011 Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy Award credited Lorenzo’s leadership, positive can-do attitude, and unwavering sense of purpose to ensure the success of the literacy program.

“We could not be more proud of Patricia’s contributions to The Reading Program and its services for members of our community,” added Derek Wolfgram, Deputy County Librarian for Santa Clara County Library District and President-Elect of the California Library Association. “Patricia has guided the program through a transition that included hiring all new staff, relocating program offices, creating new promotional materials, and developing partnerships with other community agencies.”

“Thanks to the Library’s literacy program each year hundreds of tutor-learner pairs averaging 250 instructional hours per month successfully helps residents learn to read,” said County of Santa Clara Supervisor Mike Wassermann, Delegate of the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority. “We commend Patricia and The Reading Program staff and volunteers for making a significant difference in the lives of many of our residents.”

“I thank all the members of our adult literacy staff for their diligence and commitment, and our dedicated volunteer tutors for their many hours of service,” said Patricia Lorenzo in response to the award. “It has been a pleasure and a true professional privilege to work with all of these talented and enthusiastic individuals! It is incredibly satisfying to be involved in a program with such amazing transformative power to create significant positive changes in the lives of those who participate and persevere.”

The Reading Program pairs adults who want to improve their reading and writing skills with volunteer tutors who commit to at least two hours of tutoring per week. To learn more about becoming either a learner or a tutor for The Reading Program, call (408) 262-1349. READ MORE !

This award, established in 2003 (Literacy Interest Group), recognizes and honors a librarian who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support literacy.

Past Winners
2010: Anne Cain, Contra Costa County Library
2009: Derek Wolfgram, Santa Clara County Library

2008: Jean Hofacket, Alameda County Library
2007: Carol Starr, Marin County Free Library
2006: John M. Adams, Orange County Public Library
2005: Sofia Bellos, Oxnard Public Library
2004: Leslie McGinnis Rodd, Oakland Public Library
2003: Chuck Aston, Redwood City Public Library