Friday, February 17, 2012

Monrovia Public Library

Local Retiree Teaches Literacy and Language at Library: Bailey Bishop works with two English language learners on a weekly basis.
Monrovia Patch: 2.13.2012 by Alison Roeske

Bishop was introduced to the Monrovia Public Library’s Literacy Program by way of his friend Alan Wayte, who is another long-term tutor. For the past three years, Bishop has been working with Alma Lara, a mother and homemaker who is originally from Mexico.

"This student of mine knew very little English when I first started working with her. She told me that she feels some gratification and she’s improving and looks forward to bigger and better things as we move along," he said.

"She’s certainly committed. She’s here on time every week," he added.

A married father of three sons, Bishop worked for many years at a savings and loan. He attended school at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Washington before earning a degree in business from the University of Indiana at Bloomington. Bishop also served his country as a Navy pilot during the Korean War. He still enjoys flying in a glider, especially in the region of Pearblossom, CA.

"I do a lot of soaring in the desert," he said.

Bishop said that he mostly enjoys reading non-fiction and historical material, and said he feels privileged to contribute to the Monrovia Public Library.

"I think it’s one of the better libraries in Southern California. The literacy section is good. Good teaching materials," he said. READ MORE !

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