Thursday, February 28, 2013

Literacy / Library Event Calendar: March 2013

California Literacy & Library Events: March 2013

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Southern California Library Literacy Network

California Literacy Events: March 2013

Mar 1+ Unlocking the Mysteries of Learning - Riverside CA
Mar 1+ Charlotte S Huck Children's Literature Festival - University of Redlands
Mar 2  CATESOL Regional - USC
Mar 9+ Mariposa Storytelling Festival
Mar 14+ CUE Conference, Palm Springs
Mar 14 Celebrate Literacy Riverside County Office of Education 4:30p
Mar 15+ Southern California Kindergarten Conference, Pasadena
Mar 16 Literary Women - Long Beach Festival of Authors
Mar 30 CROODS 2D – Autism Sensory Friendly Films 10a
-thru April 28: Maurice Sendak 50 Years 50 Works 50 Reasons, Bowers Museum, Santa Ana

National & International Literacy Events: March 2013
Mar 1 Health Literacy Conference Portland OR
Mar 2 Read Across America Day
Mar 4 Share A Story: Literacy with Infants and Babies Cyberspace
Mar 5 Share A Story: Playing with Literacy - The Toddler Years Cyberspace
Mar 6 Share A Story: Prepping for Preschool: Early Literacy Cyberspace
Mar 6+TASP and IPA/USA Joint Conference University of Delaware
Mar 6 World Read Aloud Day
Mar 7+ Health Literacy Summit Covington, KY
Mar 7+ Lindamood-Bell Conference Disney – Anaheim CA
Mar 7 Share A Story: The ABCs of Reading & Writing Cyberspace

Mar 8 Share A Story: Look Mom, I Can Read Cyberspace
Mar 12+ Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education @ Leipzig Book Fair
Mar 18+ Everyone Reading Conference NYU
Mar 20+ TESOL Annual Convention Dallas TX
Mar 24+ COABE New Orleans, LA
Mar 30 Autism Sensory Friendly Films: CROODS 2D 10a

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SCLLN Tutor Workshop Calendar: March 2013

SCLLN Tutor Workshop Calendar: March 2013

For Local, California and National
Literacy or Library Conferences and Events
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Southern California Library Literacy Network

  March is Read Across California

March Tutor Orientations and Workshops

Mar 2 Read Across America Day
Mar 4 Family Literacy Training = Huntington Beach Library 11a
Mar 5 Literacy Tutor Training = READ/San Diego 10a
Mar 6 World Read Aloud Day
Mar 7 Literacy Learner Training = READ/San Diego 5:45p
Mar 9 SCLLN Literacy Conference = Buena Park Holiday Inn
Mar 16 Soup & A Good Book = Whittier Area Literacy Council 12p
Mar 19 READ Tour = Ventura County Library 6:30p
Mar 30 Sensory Friendly Films - CROODS 2-D 10a

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Redlands Library - Adult literacy program needs discussed at Coffee with the Council in Redlands

Adult literacy program needs discussed at Coffee with the Council in Redlands
Redlands Daily Facts: 2.16.2012 by Toni Momberger

Twenty-one people spread over eight Cuca's tables at Saturday's Coffee with the Council. Mayor Pete Aguilar attributed the high number to the presence of state Sen. Bill Emerson, R-Rancho Cucamonga.

The monthly meeting is an open discussion attended by two council representatives - this week Aguilar was joined by Councilman Jon Harrison. As always, several topics were brought up, including the replacement of illegally cut redwoods and street repaving.

Trudy Waldron, representing the Adult Literacy Program at A.K. Smiley Public Library, introduced a new subject.

She said the program has been struggling to reinstate itself since it lost its state grant in 2006. That grant was contingent on the city kicking in $10,000 a year, but adult literacy had not made the cut in a vote of budget priorities around 2005.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

After the grant was lost, the paid director position disappeared and the program ended, but Waldron, a volunteer tutor at the time, continued to meet with her learner. She later found out another woman did the same, and in 2010 they met and joined forces to bring the program back, running it themselves on a volunteer basis, which they are doing. But they need a paid director and updated materials.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

In 2012 the program clocked about 4,000 volunteer hours.

"It's grown such that a volunteer coordinator is almost a full-time position,"
Waldron estimated the group tutored about 60 people in 2012.

"Every week we have someone come in and say they need help with literacy needs," she said.  READ MORE !

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 SCLLN Literacy Conference: March 9

SCLLN Literacy Conference 2013
March 9
Buena Park Holiday Inn
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Lunch: Writer To Writer Awards Ceremony

Early Bird Registration: Feb 24, 2013

$ 40.00: SCLLN Member Tutors and Staff
$ 15.00: SCLLN Adult Learners

After Feb 24 and At Conference:$ 75.00: SCLLN Member Tutors and Staff
Non-Members - $ 75.00

Strand 1: 9am - 10:15am
Reading Comprehension Made Simple: Carol Chapman, Ventura County Library
Learn why research suggests that improving your reading comprehension begins BEFORE you start reading. Tutors & Learners.
Teaching Strategies for Improved Fluency: LINCS What is fluency and how does it affect a learner's reading success? Come find tools you can use with your learner today!
Using eBook Readers and Google Chromebooks: Susan Vega
In this workshop we will examine how to use tools such as e-readers and Chromebooks and the differences between these devices vs tablets and laptops.
Sounds to Syllables to Spelling: Marcia Tungate, Literacy Consultant
Help your students sound out and spell words more effectively. Get tips and learn techniques from mulitple programs!
Basics of Financial Literacy: Tony Crabb
Learn about basic financial skills to deal with every day life.

Strand #2 - 10:30am-11:45am
The Naturalization Process: U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
An overview of the naturalization process and the requirements for naturalization: such as good moral character, physical presence and knowledge of English and civics. Tutors & Learners.
Vocabulary-The Cornerstone of Reading Achievement: LINCS
Strategies you can use to strengthen your learner's vocabulary to improve reading skills.
Paragraph Writing 101: Victor Castellanos, Covina Library
Help your learners write an effective paragraph! Learn the function and anatomy of paragraphs and tips for success.
Learning 2.0: Amy Crepeau,Huntington Beach Library
Would you like to know more about web-based tools like blogs, pinterest, and tumblr?

Tips for Getting a Job: Patrice Mariscal
Looking for a job? Know someone looking for a job? Come to this workshop for tips for success!

Strand #3 - 1:45pm-3:00pm
Be A Reading Partner with Your Child & Learn Together: Barbara Neder, READ OC
This interactive workshop will encourage adult learners to be learning partners with their families and children. Tutors & Learners.
Grammar Games: AmyCrepeau, Huntington Beach Library

Need some easy activities to help your ESL students practice tricky aspects of basic English grammar? 10+ activities that are fun.
What you Need to Know About the New GED:
Find out about the new 2014 changes to the GED. Find out how best to prepare for the changes
Tutor in Your Pajamas! Google Docs: Peter Wexler

Ever wish you could tutor from your couch? Learn how you can connect with your learner online.
Setting Goals That Stick!: ALLI Graduates, Carlsbad Library
What do you want to achieve in 2013? Learn to set goals for success!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Writer To Writer 2012 Awards: March 9

Writer to Writer Challenge - 2012

The Southern California Library Literacy Network is excited to announce the winners and runners-up for the 2012 Writer to Writer Challenge! SCLLN received a huge response—62 entries—and the quality of the letters was amazing! SCLLN is so proud of all of the learners who wrote letters. Thanks to the coordinators and learner judging panels at Huntington Beach Public Library, Monrovia Public Library, Newport Beach Central Public Library, and READ/San Diego for donating their time to judge the letters.

Please join us at the Southern California Library Literacy Network Literacy Conference at the Holiday Inn, Buena Park, on Saturday, March 9, where the winners will be recognized during the lunch program. The winners in each category will receive $100, a certificate, a portfolio and a pen. The runners-up will receive a certificate, a portfolio and a pen. All letter writers will receive a certificate of participation. Congratulations to all of our letter writers!

Emerging Category:
Winner—Carmen C, Carlsbad City Library Learning Center
Runner-Up—Gussie G, READ/Orange County
Runner-Up—Anonymous, Escondido Library

Beginning Category:
Winner—Guillermina H, Huntington Beach Library
Runner-Up—Elias R, Downey City Library
Runner-Up—Maria D, READ/San Diego

Intermediate Category:
Winner—Akiko O, Newport Beach Library
Runner-Up—Selina K, Newport Beach Library
Runner-Up—Piernicola C, Newport Beach Library

Advanced Category:
Winner—Susana H, Monrovia Library
Runner-Up—Haruko M, Newport Beach Library
Runner-Up—Blanca F, Beaumont Library District

Carrie Scott
Carlsbad City Library Learning Center
Writer to Writer Chairperson

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Altadena Library - Health Literacy at the Library

Health Literacy at the Library
Let’s Read Altadena: Jan/Feb 2013

Ruth Pereira was counting aloud, “veinticinco, veintiséis, veintisiete,..” as she dispensed teaspoon after teaspoon of white sugar into a clear plastic eight ounce cup. Next to her, arranged on top of a piano, were small, medium and large bottles and cups of popular beverages each with an associated clear plastic cup of sugar. Ruth finally stopped counting at thirty three – well beyond the number guessed by the class. Brimming, the cup was set on the piano as a visual for the amount of sugar in a 44oz. Super Big Gulp.

This demonstration was one of many used in the Healthy Eating Lifestyles Program sponsored by Huntington Hospital and hosted by Adult Literacy Services for the Spanish speaking members of our community. The program was presented over five 90minute sessions. READ MORE !

Friday, February 1, 2013

CA & National Literacy / Library Event Calendar: February 2013

California Literacy & Library Events:
February 2013

For Local, California and National
Literacy or Library Conferences and Events
visit the
Southern California Library Literacy Network

February: National African American Read-In

California Literacy Events: February 2013
Feb 1 First Friday-Tommy Greenwald = Santa Fe Springs Library 7p
Feb 2+ Riverside Dickens Festival - Riverside CA
Feb 15+ Southern California Writers' Conference - San Diego
Feb 21 Spelling Bee - San Diego Council on Literacy 5:30p
Feb 8+ CATE Conference - Santa Clara
Feb 13+ CABE Conference Long Beach Convention Center
Feb 15+ CARS+ Convention – Oakland
Feb 23 Sensory Friendly Film - BEAUTIFUL CREATURES AMC Theaters 10a
Feb 25+ Intl Technology & Persons w/ Disabilities Conf - San Diego
Feb 28+ CA Language Teachers Association Conf - Garden Grove

National & International Literacy Events: February 2013
Feb 2+ National Reading Recovery Literacy Conf - Columbus OH
Feb 7+ NABE Conference - Lake Buena Vista FL
Feb 13 House Adult Literacy Caucus – DC 2:30p
Feb 13+ Learning Disability Association Conference - San Antonio TX
Feb 17+ Value of Play - Clemson Univ
Feb 19+ NAREN Annual Conference - Panama City Florida
Feb 23 Sensory Friendly Film - BEAUTIFUL CREATURES AMC Theaters 10a

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