Monday, June 2, 2014

National & International Literacy & Library Events: June 2014

National & International Literacy & Library Events: June 2014

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- Local, California and National -
the Southern California Library Literacy Network
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June 5+  Adult Education Research Conf, Penn State
June 9+ Health Literacy Leadership Inst, Tufts School of Medicine-Boston
June 10  Anytime, Anywhere Summer Learning & WEBCAST, New America Fnd DC 10a
June 15+ National History Day Contest, University of Maryland
June 16+ Volunteering & Service Conference, Atlanta GA
June 19+ Children’s Literature Assoc Conf, University of South Carolina
June 20+ NEXT LIBRARY 2014: ACCELERATE LEARNING, Chicago Public Library
June 20+ Urban Libraries Council Conf: NEXT Library 2014, Chicago PL
June 21 Autism Sensory Friendly Films: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 10a
June 22+ Correction Education Assn Conference, Arlington VA

American Library Association, Las Vegas: June 26 -29
June 27
21st Century Teens: Literacy in a Digital World 8:30a
June 28
Conversation Starter: Storytime-Not Just Reading Out Loud 8a - 8:45a
Every Child Ready to Read 2-Does it Really Work? 8:30a - 10a
Guideline Development for Financial Literacy Education in Libraries 8:30a - 10a
Apps are All Right! Exploring Role of Apps in Children's/Teen Services 8:30a - 10a
Literacy Outcomes in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada 10:30a - 11:30a
ACRL President's Program: Financial Literacy at Your Library 10:30a - 12N
Library Power to the People: Facing Up to the Climate Crisis 10:30a – 12N
ECRR 2.0: Using Apps and eBooks in Early Literacy Programs 1p - 2:30p
Online Inside: Digital Literacy in Correctional Settings 1p - 2:30p
HackHealth: Engaging Tweens in Seeking/Utilizing Health Information 2:30p - 4p
Time to Reskill: An Action Plan for Literacy 3p - 4p
Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 4:30p - 5:30p
   Poster Sessions
Get the Facts! Nonfiction, Informational Reading, Literature for Youth 10:30a - 12N
Pick. Spin. Win: Recycling History with Archival Photographs 10:30a - 12N
Don’t Let Your Kids Slip and Slide 2:30p - 4p
June 29
Citizenship Programs and Resources at the Library 8:30a - 10a
Library Services to the Incarcerated and Detained 10:30a - 11:30a
Every Child Ready to Eat: Nutrition Education for Families Early Literacy 3p - 4p
   Poster Sessions
Funky Fundraising–a Literary Pub Crawl to Raise Money for Literacy 12:30N - 2p
How do YOU Día?: Interactive Showcase Culturally Diverse Children’s Programs 12:30p - 2p

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