Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Huntington Beach Library - Literacy, 30 Year Celebration

Literacy goes "Back to the Future" at 30 year celebration
Open Doors: July 2014

On June 18, Literacy Volunteers went "Back to the Future" at our 1984-inspired 30th anniversary celebration.

In addition to enjoying 80s-themed tables and food & beverages (who else enjoyed the combination of Tab and Cool Ranch Doritos?), official business took place and learner achievements were recognized.

The non-profit arm of Literacy Volunteers is a 15 person Board of Directors, which welcomed four new members at this meeting. The Board of Directors, in conjunction with Program Directors Diane Moseley at Central Library and Amy Crepeau at Oak View Branch Library, determines and implements fundraising events such as Wine & Words and Walk/Run/Read!, develops new and innovative programs such as the Workplace Literacy program, manages community outreach and assists with tutor and learner support throughout the year. Welcome to Wendy Kielsmeier, Jan Murphy, Imelda Tepayotl and Karen Topolewski; we look forward to the continued contributions of the Board over this next year. Thanks also to our "retiring" Board of Directors members, Margarita Castro, Rose Tracy, Vice President Amy Brennan and President Kat Gilmore.

One of the joys of being involved with Literacy Volunteers is when our learners reach the goals they have set for themselves. This year several learners were recognized for their achievements from the past year.

Award of Excellence recipients were:
Consuelo Davila, tutored by Donna Mason
Raquel Guzman, tutored by Susan Shimizu
Marisa Oren, tutored by Chris O.

Award for Outstanding Volunteer Learner of the Year recipient was:
Margarita Castro, tutored by Linda Kimes

In addition, we had a special guest, Huntington Beach City Council member Jim Katapodis, speak about the importance of literacy to the community.

Thank you to everyone involved with the planning of our annual celebration, and especially to our learner Scott Sherman who presided as emcee of the event.

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