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Huntington Beach Library :: February 19 begins Chinese New Year

February 19 begins Chinese New Year
OPEN DOORS: Feb 2015

The Year of the Sheep (Ram or Goat) occupies the eighth position in the Chinese zodiac and is said to represent harmony and calm.

We are pleased to feature an interesting and informative article by Yan Zhou (Alicia). Thank you, Alicia!

Chinese New Year by Alicia (Yan Zhou)

For thousands of years, Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year by using the lunar calendar. According to this calendar, the ever of the Spring Festival has different day for each year. To Chinese people, the Spring Festival is the most important holiday, and everybody is longing for going home to have family reunion dinner. Moreover children are eagerly hoping for lucky money.

Same as the American families, Chinese people will decorate their house in a very traditional way: pasting Spring Festival couplets, hanging red lanterns, pasting lucky Chinese characters and buying flowers.

Fifteen days before the eve of the Spring Festival, most people start to purchase the New Year's goods, such as candies, chocolate, sweet meats, peanuts, cookies and melon seeds. Every Chinese family will prepare these in order to share with family members and friends. When they offer these, they also offer wishes.

In my hometown, many families still keep the traditional custom - having hot-pot for every reunion dinner. At the same time, seafood, poultry, meat, vegetable, and alcohol are indispensable. This is not only a family dinner, but also a feast for good luck. Chinese people believe that the day is the last day for the year, so every bad luck will go disappear into midnight; when the clock strikes twelve, it will bring good luck for everyone. The Chinese word for having a hot-pot at the New Year's Eve is a word which means surrounding the stove. It is round, and round has the meaning of satisfactory. It is the hope that everyone wants a perfect life!  READ MORE !

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