Friday, March 13, 2015

Huntington Beach Library :: Open House

February 28 Open House
OPEN DOORS: March 2015 by Susie Hodge

In the library lobby, as patrons strolled by, literacy volunteers stood in wait at tables loaded with literacy information, anxious to share the joy and satisfaction of teaching another to read. Some patrons stopped by to chat, others purchased literacy t-shirts, totes or cookbooks.

The goal of the 2nd Literacy Open House, held Saturday, February 28, was to bring community awareness to the literacy program; sign-up new tutors, and let those who need help with reading know that Literacy Services is a safe and accepting place to be. Across the way in the Talbert room, books and literacy brochures chosen to pique the interest of possible volunteers awaited perusal.

Tutor Semora McCampbell provided entertaining crafts for all participants, young and old alike. Guest speaker and past learner Edit F., who had left the program to become a lawyer, reminisced along with her former tutor, Natalie Van Doren.

Literacy founder, Linda Light, was able to stop by for a while to see how the program she began over 30 years ago was faring. In the background, a spectacular video produced by Ree Miller scrolled through photos of literary days past. Near the children's department, in the shadow of the aquarium, Asmat and Therese sold trinkets such as key chains and finger puppets to children who swarmed past as they exited from Story Time. At one point, several young customers noticed the novel finger puppets and bought the whole box.

Helen Charles reported that, as a result of their efforts, a number of potential tutors have shown interest in the program, and new learners may be feeling a little less scared about walking through that literacy door.

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