Sunday, May 31, 2015

Southern California & Statewide Literacy & Library Events: June 2015

Southern California & Statewide Literacy & Library Events: June 2015

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
- Local, California and National –
Southern California Library Literacy Network
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Children: Every Hero Has A Story!  Teens: Unmask!  Adult: Escape the Ordinary!

Lunch @ the Library

June 6+ Bay Area Book Fest, UC Berkeley | City of Berkeley
June 6+ Literary Stage, San Mateo County Fair
June 7    Author Fair, El Segundo Library
June 9    Evening w/ Judy Blume: ALOUD, LAPL 7:30p
June 13  Mixed Remixed Festival, Japanese American National Museum
June 20  Drawn Together: Cartoonists Unite Benefit LA School Libraries, W Disney Hall 1p
June 24+ Urban Libraries Council Forum: San Jose CA
June 25+ American Library Association, San Francisco CA
June 27   Sensory Friendly Films - INSIDE OUT 10a
June 30   Song of Myself: Walt Whitman in Other Words: ALOUD, LAPL 7:15p

Friday, May 29, 2015

Make a Quick Call Today : : Support Library Funding in the State Budget

Make a Quick Call Today in Support
of Library Funding in the State Budget 
CLA News From The Capitol: 5.29.2015
by Mike Dillon & Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists

CLA’s Push for the “Senate Version”

Specifically, the Governor proposed adding slightly over $4 million for literacy and broadband connectivity in his May Revision of the Budget.  However, the Senate has adopted a dollar amount that is $7.5 million more than what the Governor proposes for library funding in his May Revision of the Budget -- for a total in new money of approximately $11.7 million.  (see the CLA “Budget ask” sheet, which parallels the “Senate Version” of the Budget.)

The Assembly adopted only the Governor’s May Revision of the Budget and no new money above that amount for libraries.

The Key Legislators to Contact and Talking Points

Please take a moment today to phone as many of these members as you can (listed below) and urge their support of the following action using this sample script or similar talking points:

Hi, my name is _______.  I am representing_____ (public library/literacy program, etc.)  I reside in (city) and I am a strong library supporter.  I would like to be on record in support of an item that the (Assemblymember/Senator) will be considering in Budget Conference Committee.

I would like to request that (he or she) give consideration to supporting the Senate Version of the Budget, under the State Library Budget Items.  The Senate Version reflects important funding for public library programs, above the level contained in the Governor’s May Revision.

These dollars will help to fund critical loaning and lending programs for libraries, as well as improve literacy programs, and will help to connect public libraries to a statewide high speed, broadband backbone.

Twenty eight legislators have signed a joint letter in support of the Senate version and it is my hope that your boss might also support the Senate version.  

Thank you.

Members of the Budget Conference Committee
Senator Mark Leno, Chair
(916) 651-4011

Assemblywoman Shirley Weber
(916) 319-2079

Senator Jim Nielsen (* signed the joint letter)
(916) 651-4004

Senator Ricardo Lara
(916) 651-4033

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez
(916) 319-2067

Assemblyman Richard Bloom
(916) 319-2050

Thursday, May 28, 2015

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar: June 2015

SCLLN Literacy Library Tutor Training Calendar: June 2015
READ/SD Tutor Conference :: June 13

For Local, California and National
Literacy or Library
Conferences and Events
Southern California Library Literacy Network Calendar

June 1 Literacy Tutor Training = READ/San Diego Library 10a
June 2 Literacy Tutor Orientation - Carlsbad Library 12N
June 2 Literacy Learner Orientation = READ/OC 1pm & 6pm
June 3 Leamos Tacos Tequila - Centro Latino for Literacy 6:30p
June 4 Literacy Tutor Training = Burbank Library 6p
June 4 Literacy Tutor Orientation = South Bay Literacy, Torrance Library 7p
June 6 Literacy Tutor Training = SB County Library Yucca Valley 9a
June 6 Literacy Tutor Training - San Diego Co Library El Cajon 10a
June 6 Literacy Tutor Training - San Luis Obispo Library 10a
June 6 Literacy Tutor Training = SB County Library Fontana 10a
June 7 Literacy Celebration = Carlsbad Library 2p
June 10  Literacy Learner Orientation - READ/San Diego Library 5:45p
June 13  Family Picnic-Appreciation Day - READ/Orange County
June 13  Tutor Conference - READ/San Diego Joan B Kroc Inst for Peace & Justice - USD
June 13  Literacy Tutor Training = SB County Library Chino 10a
June 13  Student Recognition Awards = WALC 11:30a
June 15  Literacy Volunteer Orientation = Corona Library 7p
June 16  Literacy Learner Orientation = Newport Beach Library 6p
June 18  Literacy Tutor Orientation = Carlsbad Library 6p
June 23  Literacy Tutor Orientation = Newport Beach Library 6p
June 25  Literacy Learner Orientation - READ/San Diego Library 9:45a
June 25  Scrabble FUNraiser - Azusa Library 6p

LAPL Adult Literacy volunteers receive 7 hours of Online Instruction
Info about Local Tutor Training :: Always Scrolling in the Right Frame.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Orange Co Library :: Congratulations: Anita Taillon READ/OC Honoree :: 2015 Spirit of Volunteerism Award!

READ Writes: April 2015

The path Anita has taken to becoming READ/OC’s star volunteer for the 2015 Spirit of Volunteerism Award was an unusual one. Most volunteers start out as literacy tutors, but Anita first came to READ/OC in 2006 to assist at a single event, the Annual Family Picnic and Appreciation Celebration.

Since that time, Anita’s dedication to supporting the READ/OC volunteers has steadily grown.  She is now both Vice President and co-Treasurer of the Friends of READ/OC, as well as the Chair of the Friends’ most active committee in charge of recognition activities.  Although she has never been a tutor herself, Anita shows great understanding and enthusiasm in supporting the program, the adult learners, and their tutors.  Her organizational skills and artistic talents have become legendary at the annual Family Picnic and Fall Feast appreciation events.

In addition, she helps ensure the program receives steady material and operational support throughout the year. Anita’s humor, insight, and dedication make her a truly extraordinary volunteer.

On April 14, Anita was honored at the Spirit of Volunteerism awards luncheon for her exceptional volunteer commitment to READ/Orange County and the Friends of READ/OC, as well as her endless enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication for helping other adults and their families grow and thrive through lifelong learning and literacy.


We are grateful for each and every READ/OC tutor, adult learner, and the dedicated Friends of READ/OC!  These life-changing literacy services would not be possible without our volunteers: tutors, learners, their family members, along with members of the community, library staff, and staff of other community programs and agencies.  All of them work together to support lifelong learning and encourage adults throughout the county to engage in a learning partnership at home, at work, and within the community.

Many READ/OC volunteers are engaged in several different volunteer efforts in their communities, as well as through their jobs, churches, and other service organizations. With each endeavor, learning, friendships, and a sense of community is shared and celebrated.  If you know someone who is seeking a worthwhile volunteer experience such as yours, encourage them to volunteer with READ/OC and Friends of READ/OC!  If they enjoy reading and learning, tell them about the incredible learning adventures that await them as a tutor/learning partner, as a Friend of READ/OC or as a volunteer at their library. The experience will change lives and communities!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

San Diego Public Library :: READ San Diego : : Tutor Conference - June 13

25th Annual Tutor Conference
June 13, 2015
8 am – 4:30 pm
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice
University of San Diego
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Howard Liebman
founder of Smart Horizons Career Online Education

June 8: Early Registration rate of $35
After June 9, the registration fee is $45.

Join literacy tutors, teachers and literacy professionals for a day of informative, enjoyable, hands-on workshops. The conference features 24 workshops that focus on strategies for teaching vocabulary, grammar, word recognition, online resources and technical tools for tutors, phonics, reading comprehension, math, ESL, and GED preparation.

A catered luncheon will be served between the strands and will feature keynote speaker Dr. Howard Liebman's presentation "Better Understanding and Addressing Educational Trauma to Re-Engage Students Back into the Educational System."

Comprehension Practice :: Meaning Through Strategic Thinking
Comparative Approach :: Teaching Phonics
Knowing a Word v. Owning a Word
Tutoring Tips @ Your Fingertips
Paving the Way :: Workplace Readiness
. . . and More !

For more information, call (619) 238-6603 or check out the Brochure.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Orange Co Library : : Two READ/OC Learners Honored For Their Writing!

Book & Author Celebration:
Two READ/OC Learners Honored For Their Writing!
READ Writes: April 2015

California State Librarian, Greg Lucas, congratulates READ/OC Learners Karen and Maria for their winning entries in the annual “Writer-to-Writer competition hosted by the Southern California Library Literacy Network.  Maria and Karen chose books to read with their tutors, Mikelle Fish and Susan Gregory.

Then, with their tutors’ encouragements, each wrote a letter to the author of the book they read.  Then their letters were submitted to the “Writer-to-Writer” competition and were selected by the judging panel to be recognized, along with other learners from Southern California Library Literacy programs.

READ/OC also congratulates all of the READ/OC learners and tutors who participated in this year’s annual “Writer-To-Writer” opportunity. Much appreciation also goes to Friends of READ/OC for their continued support of such encouraging, learning adventures, as “Writer-To-Writer,” to be possible for READ/OC learners and their tutors.

Read Karen's Letter


Read Maria's Letter

Diary of a
Young Girl

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Los Angeles Public Library : : It's A Match - Helen’s Story & Edward’s Story

It’s a Match Part I
Helen’s Story & Edward’s Story
READ: Spring 2015

Helen’s Story by Tutor Helen Williams

Good attitude, persistence and dedication made me become a tutor.  I learned when I was five years old to take responsibility for my own success in reading; being an African American living in South Central Los Angeles, it would be a challenge. A tutor should be able to answer most of your questions without taking too much time to come up with an answer, but sometimes it is necessary to consult a textbook for the correct answer.  A tutor should be able to provide an alternate explanation in your reading, if the first explanation is unclear. I hope that with the knowledge I have, I will be able to help a person with their literacy problems and make a positive difference in their life.

Edward’s Story by Learner Edward Smith

I came to the Adult Literacy Program to improve my basic reading and writing skills.  Before I came to the Adult Literacy Program, emotionally I felt like I was in an enclosed box! June Brandon introduced me to my tutor, Helen Williams.  The first assignment I learned was vocabulary and how to use the dictionary.  Ms. Helen said “This learning process will not happen overnight”.  I learned phonics, spelling and how to “sound out” a word when I was reading, being able to identify a sound and then blend these sounds together to form the word. My personal goals are to vote, learn to use the computer and to get a job. Today I’m not in an emotional box, I’m out of the box.  I have more confidence in myself.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Redlands Library : : Literacy Fundraiser - May 21 ' RUMORS'

Fundraiser : : May 21 @ 8 pm
Wine & Appetizers @ 7 pm
Neil Simon’s  : : :  Rumors

Tickets for the evening are $25 per person.

A.K. Smiley Public Library
125 W. Vine St.
Redlands, CA

Governor Releases “May Revision” of Budget : : $2M for Literacy | $1.7M for Broadband

Governor Releases “May Revision” of Budget:
Funding Provided for Broadband Project & Literacy Program
CLA News From the Capitol: 5.14.2015 by Mike Dillon, Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists

This morning in a press conference at the State Capitol, Governor Brown released his “May Revision” of the 2015-16 State Budget.  Included among the Governor’s proposals for new spending is a recommended increase of $2 million for the state literacy program and an increase of $1.7 million for the library broadband project for connection grants and related costs.

Recognizing the Governor’s fiscal prudence and the limited available General Funds, CLA is pleased that the Governor has provided additional funding for two important public library programs.  Below is the proposal for new library spending under the Governor’s May Revision of the Budget:

· Literacy Program – An increase of $2 million General Fund for the Literacy and English Acquisition Services Program.  As described in the Governor’s Budget proposal for adult education, the Administration’s focus remains on increasing the resources available to improve the skills of California’s workforce, and it is expected that literacy programs funded with these resources will be coordinated with the adult education consortia.

· Broadband Project – An increase of $1.7 million General Fund for the California Public Library Broadband Project, including $1.5 million on a one-time basis for grants to public libraries to upgrade broadband equipment and $225,000 General Fund for continued administration of contracts for broadband services.

· Library Preservation Activities – An increase of $521,000 General Fund to improve the [State] library’s efforts to preserve historical items in its possession, including $181,000 ongoing for two additional positions and $340,000 on a one-time basis for equipment.”

The Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees on Education Finance will convene early next week to begin reviewing the Governor’s May Revision of the State Budget, and specifically, the State Library and public library funding.  The subcommittees will be working diligently during the next couple of weeks to close out their actions for the year and make recommendations to the full Budget Committee of their respective houses.  READ MORE !

Friday, May 15, 2015

Literacy Library Jobs : : California :: San Mateo | Raising A Reader | Room to Read

Literacy Jobs – California
Raising A Reader  - San Francisco and Alameda Counties

support all volunteer recruitment, retention, training, and celebration efforts for the region

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Legislators Issue Letter in Support of Increasing State Library Funding via CLA

Adult Literacy
by Alyssa Winans
Legislators Issue Letter in Support of Increasing State Library Funding
CLA News From the Capitol: 5.07.2015 by Mike Dillon, Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyists

A bi-partisan group of Assembly members and Senators in the California State Legislature have sent a letter to the two Budget Subcommittee Chairs and key Budget leaders, to encourage them to adopt an increase in funding for public libraries in the 2015-16 Budget.  The letter features an impressive list of legislator library supporters and is attached for your information.

This year’s Budget, proposed by Governor Brown in January, did not carry forward the $3 million mentioned above or the $1 million for “connection grants”, as we have previously reported.  CLA has launched an effort again, in conjunction with Assemblyman Gatto and his colleagues, to encourage the legislature to include $11.5 million in the Budget for public library funding for “connection grants” to the CENIC backbone, funding for the CLSA, and funding for the state literacy program.

The Governor is expected to release his “May Revision” of the Budget on May 14th and it will reflect the most current revenue projections, based on tax receipts from January through April 30 and other key factors.  After reviewing this new information, the budget subcommittees will then begin closing out their work prior to the Memorial Day weekend and will forward their recommendations to the full Budget Committees.  If CLA is not able to get the budget subcommittees to recommend that new funding be added to the State Budget for public libraries, it will be very difficult to get money into the Budget in the weeks that follow.  READ MORE !