Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Orange Co Library :: Congratulations: Anita Taillon READ/OC Honoree :: 2015 Spirit of Volunteerism Award!

READ Writes: April 2015

The path Anita has taken to becoming READ/OC’s star volunteer for the 2015 Spirit of Volunteerism Award was an unusual one. Most volunteers start out as literacy tutors, but Anita first came to READ/OC in 2006 to assist at a single event, the Annual Family Picnic and Appreciation Celebration.

Since that time, Anita’s dedication to supporting the READ/OC volunteers has steadily grown.  She is now both Vice President and co-Treasurer of the Friends of READ/OC, as well as the Chair of the Friends’ most active committee in charge of recognition activities.  Although she has never been a tutor herself, Anita shows great understanding and enthusiasm in supporting the program, the adult learners, and their tutors.  Her organizational skills and artistic talents have become legendary at the annual Family Picnic and Fall Feast appreciation events.

In addition, she helps ensure the program receives steady material and operational support throughout the year. Anita’s humor, insight, and dedication make her a truly extraordinary volunteer.

On April 14, Anita was honored at the Spirit of Volunteerism awards luncheon for her exceptional volunteer commitment to READ/Orange County and the Friends of READ/OC, as well as her endless enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication for helping other adults and their families grow and thrive through lifelong learning and literacy.


We are grateful for each and every READ/OC tutor, adult learner, and the dedicated Friends of READ/OC!  These life-changing literacy services would not be possible without our volunteers: tutors, learners, their family members, along with members of the community, library staff, and staff of other community programs and agencies.  All of them work together to support lifelong learning and encourage adults throughout the county to engage in a learning partnership at home, at work, and within the community.

Many READ/OC volunteers are engaged in several different volunteer efforts in their communities, as well as through their jobs, churches, and other service organizations. With each endeavor, learning, friendships, and a sense of community is shared and celebrated.  If you know someone who is seeking a worthwhile volunteer experience such as yours, encourage them to volunteer with READ/OC and Friends of READ/OC!  If they enjoy reading and learning, tell them about the incredible learning adventures that await them as a tutor/learning partner, as a Friend of READ/OC or as a volunteer at their library. The experience will change lives and communities!

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