Wednesday, July 29, 2015

California Library Literacy Services Receives Additional Funding for Adult Literacy Programs

California Library Literacy Services
Receives Additional Funding 
for Adult Literacy Programs  
California State Library - Press Release: 7.23.2015

Thanks to an ongoing investment of $2 million by Governor Brown and the Legislature, the State Library is encouraging more libraries to join its successful adult literacy program that provides one-on-one tutoring to Californians who want to improve their reading skills.

Helping persons read better changes lives:

Felicia, 24, struggled her whole life with a learning disability.  Homeless for two years, she sought help from a local public library. She now has a job at a small medical practice and recently passed the driver's license test. “It's made my life so much better - it gave me the push to believe in myself. I can read street signs and restaurant menus. I feel more confident in my job.”

Felicia is just one of the more than 250,000 people the California Library Literacy Services program has helped learn to read and write over the past 30 years. But federal statistics suggest there are still an estimated 4 million Californians with low literacy skills.

“The Governor and the Legislature recognize that improving literacy yields enormous social and economic dividends at very low-cost in taxpayer dollars,” said State Librarian Greg Lucas.

Public libraries can apply now to join the program, which already includes 90 library jurisdictions offering tutoring at 800 locations around the state.

During the recent recession when state funds eventually hit zero, many local libraries still continued their programs. With increased state funding, those programs can be stabilized, more tutoring locations added and the 3,000 person waiting list of Californians eager to read reduced.

Grant applications are due Friday, August 14, 2015.

The additional $2 million in annual funding brings the yearly appropriation for adult literacy services up to $4.82 million.

About California Library Literacy Services:  California Library Literacy Services helps low-literacy adults and their families. Over 20,000 adult learners each year are provided one-on-one or small group instruction by thousands of trained volunteer tutors in public libraries statewide.  Instruction is based on each individual learner's pace and goals. The program targets English speaking adults who struggle with basic reading and writing skills. As a result, these adults are voting for the first time, reading newspapers, reading aloud to their children and securing jobs.

About the State Library: Founded in 1850, the California State Library is the central reference and research library for the Governor’s office, legislature, state employees, and the general public. The State Library administers federal and state grants for programs in historical preservation, library construction, civil liberties education, literacy, volunteering, and broadband connectivity in public libraries.

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