Saturday, December 12, 2015

Exciting 1-Day Workshops :: Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy

Exciting 1-Day Workshops ~ Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy
Literally Speaking: Nov/Dec 2015

Craft Workshop
Tutor Joy Faigan led a successful one day workshop where learners were given the opportunity to discover their creativity. The 1-day Craft Workshop consisted of decorating personal notebooks with different kinds of embellishments and designs. Learners brought in their own recycled greeting cards and any other decorations to repurpose. Although the craft itself is enjoyable, the primary focus is to provide an environment open to instruction, discussion and conversation. The craft workshops are in such high demand that Joy has graciously offered to make them a monthly workshop. Each craft will focus on the month’s celebratory holiday. Look for the next workshop on November 13.

Civic Center Sculpture Garden Tour
Tutor Marcia Drew led a group of learners on a tour of the Newport Beach Civic Center’s Sculpture Exhibition.  The exhibition, which contains 20 temporary installations, was a great opportunity for learners to share their thoughts about art. Marcia shared fascinating information about the installations and their artists. The learners appreciated visiting and admiring eight of the twenty installations and were able to write about their favorite pieces. Look for more local tour opportunities like this in the near future.  READ MORE !

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