Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Huntington Beach Library :: What We Do Matters !

What We Do Matters!
Huntington Beach Library Literacy

•Marisa got a job cooking in a restaurant! She has been in literacy for 3 years, and continues to make progress towards her goals.

•Miya got a job as a cosmetic sales representative! She has been in the program less than a year, and says she will continue working with her tutor.

•After just over 2 years with her tutor, Angelica got into the computer class she wanted at Golden West, AND she started a new job!

•Luisa, Beatriz, Janet, Claudia, and Lorena spoke on behalf of literacy services at the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) meeting on Community Need! These brave learners talked about how improving their English Literacy skills has helped them with work, at their children's schools, during doctor's appointments, and being able to do more in the community.

•Hanh and Loretta entered the "Writer to Writer" Challenge!

•Nahla finished her first book in English!

•Tiffany read "Green Eggs and Ham" to her children-and they all said it was fun!

•Patricia asked an employee at Trader Joe's for help. This was a first for her!

•Martha was nervous about completing a job application in English at a restaurant. But she did, she interviewed, and she got the job! Read her whole story in the Literacy Blog.

•Audrey and Joanne spoke at the CDBG meeting, sharing the reasons they volunteer, and the important things their learners can now do because they can read, write, understand and speak English.  READ MORE @

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