Sunday, August 21, 2016

Literacy Matters @IFLA :: #WLIC2016 | Library | Adult | Family | Children | Health

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Superlatives from SCLLN

Good afternoon UK! Tweets on children's literacy

#188 Important key to remember per Relander


Library of Congress Literacy Awards:
recognize US & international literacy projects

Literacy Libraries Reading!

Delighted to be representing

Wonderful message from @IFLA's
Literacy Matters! Campaign
--resonates with this school librarian!

@IFLA Guidelines
to promote literacy and reading in libraries, 2011

#WLIC2016 reading and literacy in the IFLA strategic plan

#WLIC2016 literacy program goals

Intentional Focus Leading to
Intentional Connections on Health Literacy

#WLIC2016 foundations of literacy

Leave no one behind
- key vision for UN sustainable development 
2030 needs Universal

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