Monday, March 20, 2017

CLA 2017 Day In The District :: SCA 3-Dodd :: State Budget

CLA 2017 Day in the District
CLA: March 2017

What is “Day in the District?”

“Day in the District” is an effective way to build relationships with your legislator(s) by concentrating your time with the legislator in his or her district office, rather than at the busy State Capitol. Developing relationships with new legislators and bolstering your relationship with continuing legislators is incredibly important for the success of CLA’s advocacy platform.

Library directors, staff, Friends groups and trustees, literacy advocates, and other supporters are encouraged to schedule appointments with their legislators during the month of March.

Advocacy Issue: SCA 3-Dodd (library construction bonds – 55% vote approval)
Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) has introduced SCA 3, which seeks to lower the local voter threshold for library construction bonds from the current two-thirds vote to a 55% vote. CLA is the official sponsor of SCA 3 and we will be actively working to secure passage of the legislation in the legislature.

Advocacy Issue: State Budget
The Governor’s 2017-18 State Budget does not include any new increases for library funding. Due to the Governor’s concerns over a future economic downturn, as well as the uncertainty surrounding federal Budget issues, the Governor released a prudent Budget in January, which “holds the line” on current library funding.

Due to term limits, many of the “library champions” for CLA have recently departed the legislature. CLA is looking for the next generation of “library champions” in the California State Senate and Assembly. Could your legislator be our next library leader?  


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