Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Redlands Library :: Literacy Program Helps Persistent Learner Achieve Success

Redlands literacy program helps persistent learner achieve success
Redlands Daily Facts: 5.06.2017 by Diane Shimota, Adult Literacy Coordinator, AK Smiley Public Library

The inability to read and write stops many people from achieving their dreams, whether those dreams are getting an education, acquiring a job, communicating with others or even finding a partner on a dating website.

Did you know that some people refuse to date a person who cannot write a proper sentence, or that a basic level of literacy is necessary to send text messages? Cryptic as they often are, these little bits of language still need to be understandable.

The mission of the Redlands Adult Literacy Program is to provide professional and confidential tutoring in reading and writing to help people in the Redlands community reach their literacy goals. More than 100 learners have participated in the literacy program this year, each working hard with a tutor to achieve a unique set of goals.

Let me introduce you to one of our hardworking learners.

Desmond Davis is a creative person who is skilled at building things. Recently, he designed and built his own Snookball table, a giant pool table that sits on the ground.  READ MORE @

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