Friday, December 22, 2017

Newport Beach Library :: Tutor Snapshot

SNAPSHOT: Tutor - Gigi Spragins
Literally Speaking: Nov/Dec 2017

Once upon a time, I was a middle school English teacher but marriage and children put my career on hold for several years. Being an avid Newport Beach Library user, I had heard of the Literacy Program. But it wasn’t until I was at a dinner party with a lovely Japanese woman who waxed so enthusiastically about the program and how it had helped her adjust to life in America that I felt that this could be the perfect outlet for the teacher in me. I called the Literacy office the next day to sign up.

In the past 3 and 1/2 years, I have tutored three learners from Japan, Iran, and South Korea. My current learner has been here from South Korea since 2008 and is a US citizen. She is married with two grown daughters. My learner owns a sushi restaurant where she employs 14 people and where she works seven days a week. She plays the saxophone in an ensemble from her church and often performs for senior living homes. She is also part of a Korean running club and supports her husband who ran in both the Chicago and Boston Marathons this year. As anyone can see, this woman is working hard to be part of the American dream and I am happy to be her champion in reaching that goal through this wonderful program.  READ MORE >>

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