Saturday, July 21, 2018

Los Angeles Public Library :: Vision To Success

READ: Spring 2018 by Literacy Coordinator Gemini Spencer

Oprah Winfrey did it. Ellen Degeneres did it. Steve Harvey did it, too! 

Recognizing the power of visualizing their dreams, these successful celebrities created vision boards to keep them reminded of their goals. And we all know how things turned out for them!

The concept of a vision board is the belief that your thoughts produce results. Negative thoughts produce negative results and positive thoughts produce positive results! Creating a vision board simply takes it a step further by exhibiting your thoughts as pictures you can see. It is there to remind you, to inspire you, to keep you progressing toward your vision of success!

With that in mind, I hosted a vision board workshop. Poster boards, magazines and delicious treats were provided, and Adult Literacy participants created boards that expressed their desires to travel, create nice homes, get married, and more.

Here are some tips to help you create a vision board with your student:

• Talk about your student’s vision/goals with him/her ahead of time so you’ll both have an idea what the fnished product will contain.
• You will need poster board, magazines, scissors and glue. Make sure to find an array of magazines.
• Look online with your student at examples. Look up “vision board” and “dream board.”
• Look through magazines ahead of time to cut down on the daunting task of fnding pictures the day the vision board is created.
• If you can, include background music to reinforce a cheerful mood.

I encourage you to create a vision board with your student. It’s like a pictorial to-do list that gently persuades you to keep moving forward.

Above are some pictures from a vision board session at the Baldwin Hills to inspire you!  READ MORE >>

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