Friday, August 30, 1985

National City Library - California State Librarian Gary Strong at Luncheon

Librarian at luncheon
San Diego Union: August 13, 1985

California State Librarian Gary Strong will speak at a noon luncheon sponsored by PROJECT READ, the National City Public Libraries adult literacy program.

Strong will describe statewide efforts to enlist libraries in a new campaign to increase the adult literacy rate in California. Currently, 45 libraries, including National City's, are receiving state funds to develop and mobilize community resources to expand reading services to adults.

"The point of the campaign is to help adults who cannot read out of their isolation and enable them to succeed," Strong said. "Libraries are natural agencies for this."

Strong will speak at Palmer Way Elementary School, 2900 Palmer St. His talk is part of a day-long conference at the school. The conference is sponsored by PROJECT READ.