Friday, October 16, 2020

Los Angeles Public Library ▬ Ballot Measures Discussion with the League of Women Voters

Ballot Measures Discussion with the League of Women Voters

Easy Voter Guide
LA Public Library: 10.14.2020

Mona Field, Co-President of the Los Angeles League of Women Voters, helps us understand the 12 statewide measures, and some local measures, on the November 3, 2020 ballot.

Mona Field is a notable expert in state and local politics. In addition to her role with the League, she is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Glendale Community College and the author of California Government and Politics Today (15th Edition).

The discussion will focus on the pros and cons of the following:

➧ Property taxes

➧ Rent control

➧ Parolee voting sentence changes

➧ Approving or rejecting cash bail

➧ Funding for stem cell research                                  

➧ Reinstituting affirmative action

➧ Voting rights for some 17-year-olds

➧ Governing kidney dialysis clinics

➧ Special workplace rules for app-based companies like Uber and Lyft

➧ New consumer privacy rules

This event is being organized through Teens Leading Change at the Eagle Rock Branch Library.  WATCH 1:09:02

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Los Angeles Public Library ▬ Providing Online Services to People of All Ages ▬ Spectrum News1

Los Angeles Public Library Providing Online Services to People of All Ages

Spectrum News1: 10.13.2020 by Lisa McRee w/ Nita Lelyveld, LA Times

While the Los Angeles public library buildings remain closed to the public, librarians from several branches have created comfortable and fun programs online. Los Angeles Times City Beat Columnist Nita Lelyveld joined us to share all the details.

"The Los Angeles Public Library system has been offering various classes and projects for people of all ages. I went to many literacy classes where people were improving their English or learning English, and I saw people from all over the world participating. There were so many different accents, and you could peak into so many other lives, and people were taking these classes that were so eager to learn that they were standing outside able to take these classes,” said Lelyveld.

Learning about people’s experiences through the resources offered by the libraries was very rewarding for Lelyveld.  WATCH 06:08

Adult Literacy

Teaching adults to read and write would not be possible without volunteers just like you. No prior teaching experience is required. We provide free introductory online training and follow up support and training. Our goal is to help you succeed and provide an amazing volunteer experience for every volunteer.

We have several different volunteer positions available, with different responsibilities and time commitments. You can take a look at our opportunities and begin the application process below:

For more information, call (213) 228-7037 or find the Literacy Center closest to you.

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Orange County Library ▬ READ OC ▬ September Employee Of The Month

Employee Of The Month September

OCLP News: 9.25.2020

Stella is all about the public she serves. She has been especially helpful to her ESL patrons and has more than a few thriving Conversation groups. She herself, provides all the adult programming at her branch including multiple bookclubs and a monthly Writer's retreat. Stella was also instrumental in bringing Genealogy programming to OCPL and offered many of the programs herself.

Stella's creativity and sense of innovation, is best described in her efforts to keep the ESL classes going strong at her branch. Stella recognized the growing need for ESL in Lake Forest, as well as the need to keep the momentum going with the existing students. As soon as virtual book groups became available, she had her ESL classes Zooming away!

When bookclubs had to stop meeting due to COVID, Stella maintained communication with those members for whom the bookclub was the highlight of their month. One member who was so sad to move out of state, has now rejoined the group via Zoom. Simply put, Stella is an empathic, committed professional who is passionate about librarianship.  READ MORE ➤➤

Tutor Training

Thank you for your interest in OC READ!  An estimated 400,000 adults in Orange County do not read or write well enough to meet their needs as workers, family members, and members of the community. We rely on volunteers like you to support these adult learners.

This link will take you to our tutor training registration

There is also an option to be informed of future trainings if you cannot attend the scheduled workshops.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Redlands Library ▬ Adult Literacy Program Celebrates Learner-Led Book Club!

Adult Literacy Program Celebrates Learner-Led Book Club!

Tuesdays with Morrie

Redlands Reads: July 2020

Adult learners Martha Romo and Tanya Jauregui are leading the adult literacy program’s first learner-led book club. When asked why she would like to start a book club for adult learners, Tanya shared that book clubs provide an opportunity for “like-minded individuals to help and encourage each other, give everyone confidence, and build community.” Martha sees the book club as an opportunity for learners to lose their fear of reading without the support of their tutors.

Both learners know the power of reading. Martha shared that “every little thing you read opens your mind to new ideas or to better answers in your life.” Likewise, Tanya said, “Reading gives essential nutrients to the brain and helps to expand life’s journey.” The book club met for the first time only a few days prior to the library’s closure due to Covid-19.

The book club’s inaugural book was Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, chosen by Tanya and Martha for its themes of friendship and compassion. Book club participants were fortunate to be able to get to know one another in person at this meeting. By the time the second book club discussion took place in May, the community was under stay-at-home orders and the meeting took place through Zoom.  READ MORE ➤➤


To learn more, join us at a Zoom Tutor Orientation.

Please call the Redlands Adult Literacy Program office at 909.798.7565, ext. 4138 or email to sign up for the Orientation or if you have any questions.

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

California Book Festivals & Events ▬ October 2020

California Book Festivals & Events ▬ October 2020
Books, Comics, Poetry, Storytelling, Writing and More !

Oct 03-04      VIRTUAL LA Times Festival of Books
Oct 07            Random Acts of Poetry Day
Oct 08-24      VIRTUAL LitQuake SF
Oct 09            VIRTUAL Kidquake 2020
Oct 16            VIRTUAL Kidquake 2020
Oct 17            Black Poetry Day
Oct 24            VIRTUAL Lit Crawl LA LAPL Central Library & Downtown

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Ventura County Library ▬ READ Adult Literacy Program

READ Adult Literacy Program


VC Reader: Fall 2020

The READ program is still active, we are regrouping and adapting.

Tutoring partners are not meeting in person at this time.  Many tutors are meeting with their adult students via telephone and conferencing programs.  Tutors still have access to all the familiar materials and they are delivered to your local library to be picked up with your ‘hold’ books during walk-up pick-up.

In addition, office staff are working remotely assembling a selection of new digital materials for learners at every level.

A new series of Tutor Training classes will be scheduled on ZOOM later this fall.

Interested volunteers are encouraged to call the READ office at 805-677-7159 and leave a message.

READ Adult Literacy


Our mission is to help adults improve reading and writing skills so that 
they perceive positive impact on their lives in such areas as self-esteem, employment, family life, and community involvement.

The READ Program trains volunteers to provide free one-to-one reading and writing instruction.

➤ The Ventura County Library has been offering this program since 1984.

➤ Our administrative costs are included in the Ventura County Library's budget.

➤ Additional funding comes from partnerships with other agencies, state grants and donations from businesses and service organizations.

Tutoring Sites

Instruction takes place in library, school, community and jail facilities throughout Ventura County.

These sites are managed by part-time professional educators, referred to as site supervisors.

Site supervisors are available during specified times to assess learner's reading levels, interview tutors, match students with tutors, recommend teaching materials and provide support for learning partners.

Ways to Support Literacy

➤ Become a volunteer
➤ Display a READ Program poster at work
➤ Include READ Program information in your office or church newsletter.
➤ Invite READ Program staff to speak at your meetings.
➤ Make a donation. Gifts are gratefully accepted and promptly acknowledged.

Tutor Training Information

Student Information

Career Online HS

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Based on 7 readability formulas:
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Southern California & Statewide Literacy & Library Events ▬ October 2020

Literacy & Library Events & Conferences
 Local, California and National 
Southern California Library Literacy Network
for more information
Southern California & California

Oct. 02      Random Acts of Poetry Day          
Oct. 05      World Teachers' Day   
Oct. 06      American Libraries Day
Oct. 11      Day of the Girl    
Oct. 13      Plain Language Day     
Oct. 16      Dictionary Day   
Oct. 17      Black Poetry Day
Oct. 18      National Friends of Libraries Week 
Oct. 20      National Day of Writing        
Oct. 28      Make A Difference Day
Oct. 29      Read For The Record Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away by Meg Medina

Oct. 05      VIRTUAL Dyslexia & Spelling Conf Dyslexia Training Institute
Oct. 05      Dyslexia Advocate Certificate OnLine
Oct. 07      VIRTUAL Future of Libraries 2020
Oct. 08      VIRTUAL CATESOL State Conference
Oct. 08      VIRTUAL LitQuake
Oct. 09      VIRTUAL Kidquake 2020
Oct. 10      CANCELED - Latino Book and Family Festival North San Diego
Oct. 16      VIRTUAL Kidquake 2020
Oct. 18      VIRTUAL Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Oct. 19      What is Dyslexia? An In Depth Look OnLine
Oct. 21      VIRTUAL Internet Librarian
Oct. 22      VIRTUAL CUE Fall Conference
Oct. 22      Digital Leadership Academy Year 1 OnLinee
Oct. 26      VIRTUAL California Adult Education Program Summit
Oct. 26      CANCELED - BOOST Conference
Oct. 29      VIRTUAL Nonprofit Storytelling Conference