Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2008 SCLLN Literacy Conference - Guest Speaker: Jonathan Mooney

Southern California Library Literacy Network
2008 Conference

Guest Speaker: Jonathan Mooney
author of The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal - Holt, 2007

Labeled "dyslexic and profoundly learning disabled with attention and behavior problems," Jonathan Mooney was a short bus rider. Ultimately, Mooney surprised skeptics by graduating with honors from Brown University. But he could never escape his past, so he bought his own short bus and set out cross-country, looking for kids who had dreamed up magical, beautiful ways to overcome the obstacles that separated them from the so-called normal world.

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If you were unable to attend, you can watch a video at BarryTalk of a conversation on NewsRap with Barry Gordon (Nov 7, 2007) - 2 parts.

Some comments from those who attended the Conference:
~ I just want to congratulate the conference committee for a great conference. I heard nothing but praise that day. (Rose – Huntington Beach)
~ I would like to second this sentiment. I had a great time in my workshop and at lunch everyone seemed quite happy about their experience. I thought Jonathan Mooney was great and I think he confirmed a lot of what we tell ourselves, our tutors, and our learners every day. Great Job! (Kelli – San Diego)
~ Congratulations SCLLN! Great job! (Jose – San Diego)

~ The same here, everyone seemed to really enjoy the conference and Jonathan Mooney was a great key note speaker. (Sandy – Oceanside)

Check Out his books @ Your Local Library: CalCat or WorldCat

Learning Outside The Lines: Two Ivy League Students With Learning Disabilities And ADHD Give You The Toolsby Jonathan Mooney and David Cole, Fireside 2000
two "academic failures" who graduated from Brown University at the top of their class teach you how to take control of your education and find true success.

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