Friday, June 6, 2008

Literacy In Libraries Around California +

Join Family Fun Day at library
Mercury News: May 29, 2008 by Johyne Taylor Hill

Staff members at the Alameda Free Library are busy doing much more than reshelving books. They're creating and maintaining outreach programs designed to promote one central message, summed up by Jordana Elderts of the library's adult literacy program, Alameda Reads:

"There's so much fun that can happen at the library. It's not just sitting down and reading quietly." Family Fun Day, a chance for families with small children to have fun and learn about library services, will be held Saturday at the Main Library. It is the culminating event of this year's preschool reading program which aims to help some of Alameda's youngest citizens develop a love of reading.

Two years ago, Alameda Reads joined forces with the library's Children's Services to apply for a state grant from Early Learning with Families to create positive reading experiences for children from infants to age 5. The library wanted to address the issue that children who don't read often have a lower literacy level, which can limit their potential socio-economic success as adults. READ MORE

The free event (May 31) was open to everyone, but is focused on families with young children.

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