Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Library volunteer shares love of books with adult literacy program
Lodi News-Sentinel: July 24, 2008 by Pam Bauserman

After Bev Cornelius retired from teaching 13 years ago, she began looking for something to keep herself occupied. A fan of books, the 78-year-old felt the library was the place for her to be. Four to five times a month Cornelius volunteers her time selling books for the Friends of the Lodi Public Library and for two to three days a week, she helps out with the adult literacy program.

Q: What do you enjoy about it?
A: Just to see people come and buy books so I know they're reading and to help adults with their reading.

Q: What has been the most memorable moment for you?
A: With the tutoring, my last student was an Indian woman. It was fun to be introduced to a new food and learn something about the culture in India. I also jjust started tutoring a Hispanic girl, Alicia. She is doing so well. She is so motiviated.

Q: What do you never tire of?
A: Probably reading.

Q: What goals do you hope to accomplish for the library?
A: In my tutoring program, I help those people become better readers and have a better connection to the English language. And, just sell books.

Q: What has been the weirdest thing that has happened since you have been volunteering here?
A: Shortly after we moved into this room, we had all the books on the shelves and overnight they all fell onto the floor. The books were too heavy for the shelves.

Q: Do you see a lot of books that you want?
A: Oh yes. Everytime I'm on duty I buy one or two books and then I get hints from people saying, "You should read that book."

Q: What is the last book you read?
A: "Three Cups of Tea." READ MORE

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