Friday, November 7, 2008

Ventura County Library

Ventura County Library System and Harvest Ride
2008 Ventura County Star: Nov 7, 2008 by M Murphy

This months activity began with the annual fundraising event, Harvest Ride for Literacy, Saturday, October 4th, 2008. Details of the event included some wonderful charity bike rides (a 100 mile, 66 mile, 55 mile and 30 mile) and a family ride of 8.5 miles. This years event raised over seven thousand dollars and that is enough to support one reading support center for a year!

The Harvest Ride event is typical of the deep devotion the Ventura Community feels toward the improvement of adult literacy in the Ventura county area. There are innumerable success stories emanating from this organization. At the end of the month, the Ventura County Library Reading Instruction for Adults (RIFA) graduated the October 2008 class of twenty adult literacy tutors.

This story is not unique to Ventura County. Over 140,000 high school graduates that are able to speak English lack basic reading skills because of severe learning disabilities that make it difficult to learn in a normal classroom environment. This is about one out of every four adults in California. Tragically, even if they are able to gain employment, they may be unable to read even the most basic childrens book to their families and the childrens academic progress can suffer also.

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