Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Downey Library - Adult Literacy Awareness Month

Adult Literacy Awareness Month
September Spotlight
on SCLLN Literacy Programs

Downey City Library – Adult Literacy

The Downey City Library is committed to helping people learn how to read better. If you understand English, are over eighteen years old, and need help reading you may contact the Adult Literacy program for an assessment. Then once a week for an hour and a half you will meet with a tutor at the library who will teach you to read. The student may determine the day and time they would like to be tutored.

Escondido Public Library Literacy Program

The Escondido Public Library Literacy Services has been in existence since 1990. One in four adults cannot read and over 500,000 struggle with reading in San Diego County. We assist English speaking learners in achieving their goals based on individual needs.

Literacy Spans A Lifetime Slide Show

Give The Giftof reading and writing to adult learners in
California library literacy programs from Santa Barbara to San Diego

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