Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adult Literacy Awareness Month

Adult Literacy Awareness Month
September Spotlight
on SCLLN Literacy Programs

Santa Barbara Public Library

Tutoring for Adults - Become a Better Reader!
If you or someone you know would like to learn to read, write, or spell better, call the Santa Barbara Public Library Adult Literacy Program at (805) 564-5619. A trained tutor will provide confidential one-on-one tutoring in reading, writing and spelling skills.

Adults are eligible for literacy tutoring if they:
Are 16 or older;
Are able to hold a conversation, such as an intake interview, in English;
Are not enrolled in a degree program; and
Are able to work with a tutor 2 or 3 hours per week.

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Training is offered four times per year. The nine-hour workshop prepares participants to help English-speaking adults improve their reading, writing, and spelling. Once you have been matched with a learner, on-going assistance on specific teaching or learning issues is available.

Sante Fe Springs Public Library

About Literacy Services

The National Literacy Act of 1991 defines literacy as " . . .an individual's ability to read, write, and speak in English, and compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job and in society, to achieve one's goals, and develop one's knowledge and potential." There are literacy programs in adult schools, churches, community centers, and businesses as well as libraries.

The Santa Fe Springs City Library has offered free literacy services to adults, children, and families since 1987.Our confidential adult literacy service is available to all English-speaking patrons of the library. Those who cannot speak and understand English are referred to local programs to learn conversation first. Then they may enroll in our literacy program.Over 40 million Americans age 16 and older have significant literacy needs.

In Los Angeles County, there are 1.8 million adults with limited reading and writing skills. Forty-three percent of first-year students in the California State University system require remedial reading instruction.Research supports a strong link between the home environment and children's acquisition of school-based literacy.Businesses that provide basic skills training experience a 19 percent greater increase in productivity than companies that did not provide such training.

Reading Club
Does your child have trouble reading? Learn more about the Library's FREE Literacy service to children ages 7 - 12.
of reading and writing to adult learners in
California library literacy programs from Santa Barbara to San Diego

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