Friday, October 2, 2009

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October is Health Literacy Month

Annual awareness-raising event started in 1999 by Helen Osborne along with a team of health literacy advocates.

The theme for Health Literacy Month 2009 is "Why Health Literacy Matters: Sharing Our Stories in Words, Pictures, and Sound."
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health literacy stories from Iowa Plain & Simple

SAVE THE DATE: October 19 – 20

The Boston University Medical Center will hold the Health Literacy Annual Research Conference in Washington DC @ the National Academy of Sciences Building, 2101 C Street, NW.

Roundtable on Health Literacy – Institute of Health Medicine

Building upon the 2004 report Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion, the Institute of Medicine has convened a Roundtable on Health Literacy. The Roundtable brings together leaders from academia, industry, government, foundations and associations, and representatives of patient and consumer interests who have an interest and role in improving health literacy.

. . . some health literacy sites of interest:

Health literacy articles, videos and images @ asterpix

The Health Literacy Special Collection:
Curricula - Health Info for All - Multilingual Health Info - Resources
Funding Sources - Cultural Competency - Plain Language

Health Information Literacy @ Medical Library Association

Give The Gift
of reading and writing to adult learners in
California library literacy programs from Santa Barbara to San Diego

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