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2012 SCLLN Literacy Conference Workshops: Feb 25

SCLLN Literacy Conference 2012
February 25
Buena Park Holiday Inn
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Lunch: Writer To Writer Awards Ceremony

Early Bird Registration: Feb 3, 2012
- click here for Form
$ 40.00: SCLLN Tutors and Staff
$ 15.00: Adult Learners

After Feb 3:
$ 60.00: SCLLN Tutors and Staff
$ 25.00: Adult Learners
Non-Members - $ 75.00

Strand 1 9:00 – 10:15
Stay In Control
It is easy for the daily responsibilities to overwhelm us to the point that at the end of the day we feel like we have fallen behind. Worse yet, this feeling occurs day after day until we feel we have lost control of our lives.
Picture Books – Not Just For Kids!
Explore a variety of uses of picture books with adult learners and their families to reinforce adult and intergenerational literacy skills, writing skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary, English language skills and the opportunity to relax and enjoy a book with someone special.
Presentation Skills – Tricks of the Trade
Looking to refresh your training skills, gain confidence in making presentations, or learn how to keep your audience involved? This workshop is for you.
Adult Literacy Services: Where the Boundaries Begin and End
A panel of field professionals will discuss the numerous grey areas we all navigate in serving low-literate adults. Legal, ethical and practical advice will be provided along with a Q&A session with the audience.
Teaching non-literate Spanish-speakers to read and write
Do you work with non-literate, Spanish-speaking youth or adults? Learn about a simple computer-based tool to teach them to read and write. Based on 20 years of classroom experience, ¡LEAMOS! por Computadora (Let’s Read! by Computer)
Twitter 101
Getting Started – Tweeting – Tips. Bring a Laptop with WiFi.
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Learner Focused: Getting Comfortable with Writing & Journaling
Get rid of your fear of writing! Learn techniques to get started and be comfortable with writing and journaling.

Strand 2 10:30 – 11:45

Financial Literacy
Join us in this interactive workshop and learn about:
Preparing and working with a personal (family) budget
The basics of managing and balancing a checkbook
Managing your personal credit

Improving Silent Reading Fluency
Learn about the physical and cognitive reading process and how it affects the abilities of a learner to attain fluency. Reading Plus is a tool that can address these issues, allow readers to overcome obstacles and make amazing improvement in their reading skills.
Teach Back, Teach Forward:
Walking out of doctor’s office with Info you need
About 80% of what is heard in the Doctor’s Office is forgotten upon leaving. There are some methods that can be used to increase assimilation, and thus compliance, that we will practice, both tutor and learner.

Job Readiness for Learners
Tutors wishing to assist learners in practical, up to date methods for preparing to enter the job market will gain information about the paper presentation, the verbal presentation and the online presentation needed by candidates in today’s tight market.
Reading Comprehension Made Simple

Have you ever finished reading a page and realized that you can’t remember what you read? Does your learner struggle with reading comprehension? Come and join us to learn a few simple strategies that will help you understand and remember more of what you read.
Supporting Parents as their Child’s 1st Teacher
Parents are their child’s first teacher and literacy is the cornerstone of academic success. This workshop will provide an overview of how to involve parents in their child’s education at school.
Learner Focused: ProLiteracy’s Education Network and YOU!

offers a world of resources for adult learners, tutors and literacy programs. Come find out how you can use the Education Network to practice reading, writing, math, everyday literacy activities and more!

Strand 3 1:45 – 3:00
Moving Into Literacy with the Feldenkrais Method®

Coordinated movement is essential for greater ease in learning. In this workshop, participants will be guided through a series of slow and gentle movement sequences designed to help them reconnect with their natural abilities to express themselves more clearly.
Poor Readers’ Ghosts and Goblins!

It’s a scary world out there for poor readers! Always, that devastating fear that others will find out they can’t read very well. In spite of all the ingenious ways they’ve devised of keeping it a secret, it’s lurking out there in the shadows – ready to come out of nowhere and shatter their lives – like some scary monster!
What’s the 2-1-1?

Understanding Orange County’s Comprehensive Information and Referral System
American Accent Training

Accent is a combination of three main components: intonation (speech music), liaisons (word connections), and pronunciation (the spoken sounds of vowels, consonants, and combinations).
Literacy Material Grab Bag

Books, Manipulatives, Magazines, etc. that Burbank tutors find helpful. If you have a favorite, bring 1 to share.
Grammar Games and Speaking Activities for ESL Groups
Need some easy activities to help your ESL students practice tricky aspects of basic English grammar like irregular past tense verbs or when to put the “s” on present tense verbs? Would you like to learn some games to play during class to get your students smiling and talking?Learner Focused: Naturalization 101
Officers with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will provide an overview of the naturalization process and the requirements for naturalization—such as good moral character, physical presence and knowledge of English and civics.

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Literacy Library Jobs - California - National City

Literacy Coordinator (Senior Library Technician)
National City Library
Application Deadline: Open

Under direction, to perform technical and paraprofessional duties in the library, including supervision of lower-level staff; oversee activities of assigned function; and perform related duties as required.

Literacy duties may include preparing grant application; grants recordkeeping; organizing literacy services; assessing literacy skills for program placement; selecting material and teaching aides; and assisting in the preparation of the budget.

Literacy Research Contractor: KOREH L.A.
Application Deadline: Feb 1, 2012
Start date: Feb 15, 2012

The Literacy Research Contractor is a time-limited, grant-funded independent contractor for The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Working in coordination with the Director of Programs for the Community Engagement Department and KOREH L.A. staff members, the Research Contractor will conduct and analyze research on the current state of literacy work in Los Angeles County.

Education Manager: Children's Creativity Museum
Start Date: Feb 1, 2012

3Cs of 21st-century literacy - Creativity, Collaboration and Communication - inspire new ideas and innovative solutions.

The Education Manager leads a team of Educators, Education Interns, and Volunteers to implement and evaluate all of CCM’s education and public programs. These programs include school field trips, early childhood programming, and weekend workshops. In addition, the Education Manger works closely with the Youth Program Manager, the Exhibits Manager, and the Visitor Services Manager to ensure that all of CCM’s education and programs support and/or enhance the general admission experience. The Education Manger ensures that CCM’s educational approach consistently fosters creativity, collaboration, and communication throughout its entire exhibit and program experiences.

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2012 SCLLN Literacy Conference 2012: Feb 25

SCLLN Literacy Conference 2012
February 25
Buena Park Holiday Inn
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Lunch: Writer To Writer Awards Ceremony

Early Bird Registration: Feb 3, 2012
- click here for Form
$ 40.00: SCLLN Tutors and Staff
$ 15.00: Adult Learners

After Feb 3:
$ 60.00: SCLLN Tutors and Staff
$ 25.00: Adult Learners

Non-Members - $ 75.00

Win A Free Admission – see *Q below

Some of the Workshops
Self Confidence
Job Readiness
Financial Literacy
Health Literacy
Reading Plus
Stay in Control
Spanish Literacy
Families in Schools
Using Picture Books
Training Techniques
Social Media
Reading Comprehension

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Winner = The Correct Answer with the earliest email or postmark.

From the beginning of the establishment of library literacy programs by the California State Library in 1984, library programs in Southern California have been meeting to share resources and ideas, and address literacy issues. The Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN) was formalized in 1985.

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Costly Cuts: $7 million cut from adult literacy programs

STATE: $7 million cut from adult literacy programs
Press Enterprise: 12.16.2011 by Kevin Pearson

Library directors across the region are worried about the future of adult literacy programs in the wake of sweeping budget cuts the state announced this week.

If the programs don’t survive, people like Beaumont’s Larry Washington may never learn to read.

Washington, 57, is one of hundreds of adults in Riverside County who are enrolled in those state-funded programs that teach adults how to read and write.

Among almost $1 billion in total budget cuts, roughly $16 million will be slashed from libraries, including about $7 million designated to fund literacy programs.

Eight libraries in the Inland area have literacy programs, which are for native English speakers. The amount of state money they had been receiving was based on population.

“This is devastating to California libraries,” said Hemet Library Director Wayne Disher, who serves as president of the California Library Association. “It’s really sad. You try and be as positive as you can, but how do you do that when someone has taken everything you have?

“I think we will see a good portion of them, at least half of the literacy programs, will be forced to close.”


But how much longer those services will remain is in doubt. In Hemet, Disher is hoping the library’s financial backers can help secure the $15,000 needed to keep the 90-person adult literacy program afloat through the end of the fiscal year June 30, but he is worried what might happen if the money runs out.

A number of Inland libraries had already begun to brace for budget cuts, which extend beyond the adult literacy programs, but others were hopeful that the governor would keep some of the funding intact. But with all the funds cut, libraries are now pondering their next move. READ MORE !