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Los Angeles Public Library: It's A Match

It’s A Match
LAPL READ Newsletter:
Winter 2014

Cai’s Story by Learner, Cai Zhou

I urgently wanted to speak and write in English well in order to have better life in the United States. I have tried many ways to learn English since I immigrated to here from China in 2004. My English skill was not enough to have a job in a medical field. Especially communication with people in English made me feel down. I was disappointed with my broken English. How could I work out my problems I asked myself? I needed to get help. I went to Lincoln Heights Public Library in my neighborhood where I often go to read or borrow the books.

One day, I saw a thoughtful middle aged woman explaining something in a low voice to a foreign person like a teacher to a student. I walked quietly and asked curiously: “Are you teaching English?” Could I have a chance to learn from you?” The tutor said that the Adult Literacy program can help; she introduced Kathy Hall to me. I told her I needed to improve my English urgently. Then I did a pretest. She put me on a waiting list of Adult Literacy Program to have an English tutor.  READ MORE !

Megan’s Story by Tutor, Megan Duquette

Fortunate enough to have a father who instilled the value and importance of volunteerism in me early in life, one of the first things I sought out when I moved from Illinois to Los Angeles was volunteer opportunities. Finding the Adult Literacy Program was such a blessing, as is my student, Cai Zhou. My first meeting with Cai was on a beautiful fall day in 2011 in the garden outside of Union Station.

Having no previous experience teaching English to an adult learner, I was uncertain how our lessons would go. However, Cai’s willingness to learn, enthusiasm, and attentiveness quickly calmed my fears. Cai is committed to improving her patient care as a nurse through honing her English skills. We are both very busy and it takes a lot of puzzle piecing to get our schedules to align so that we can meet each week, but her dedication and warmth make it easy for me to stay committed and energized throughout our lessons.  READ MORE !

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