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Huntington Beach Library - Recent literacy conference a huge success

Recent literacy conference a huge success
By Susan Hodge
Open Doors: April 2014
Huntington Beach Public Library Literacy Volunteers

The only voice heard was that of the reader, standing alone at the podium. As the Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN) conference participants listened with rapt attention, the winners of the Writer-to-Writer challenge read their heartfelt letters. Literacy learners from all over Orange County had submitted responses to their favorite writers, relating how the author's words had impacted their lives. Our own Oak View learner, Maribel, won the beginning category, charming the audience by reading her letter to the author of "The Three Little Pigs", comparing the pig's brick house to the strength of her own family.

Held at the Buena Park Holiday Inn March 14, the SCLLN conference was attended by enthusiastic tutors, learners and literacy specialists. The goal of the yearly gathering is to bring together literacy advocates, volunteers and learners from around Orange County to further literacy awareness, share ideas, and celebrate the winners of the Writer-to-Writer challenge.

 "The highlight of the day was during lunch, when awards were presented to this year's Writer-to-Writer challenge winners," commented Diane Moseley, SCLLN President and Huntington Beach Public Library Literacy Services Director. Winners in each category read their compositions to the audience and were awarded cash prizes as well as other literacy-related items.
Individual sessions included a variety of topics, such as "How to Write Better Sentences," "Techniques for Assisting Adults with Learning Issues," "Bring Children's Books to Life," and "Alphabetics ~ A Critical Component of Reading."

 "It is rewarding to have tutors implement ideas they learned at the conference," stated Moseley, "I have received many enthusiastic comments from learners, volunteers and staff about their workshops, the lunch and networking with participants from other programs. The dedicated and hard work of our volunteers, and the utmost professionalism of our session presenters, provided a day of rich learning and comradeship."

Family Literacy learner wins Writer-to-Writer challenge

Maribel Garcia and her tutor Kathy Parker
Congratulations to Maribel Garcia who won the beginning category for this year's Writer-to-Writer contest. She wrote her letter to the author of "The Three Little Pigs". She has been working with her tutor, Kathy Parker for a year and a half. She and Kathy attended the Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN) conference on March 8 where Maribel read her letter and received her certificate and prizes. 

I really like this book; the story of the three brother pigs.

This book is about the importance of family because when the three little pigs decided to separate and they do not think the three could contribute ideas to build their home.

Also patience is important example:

The first little pig built his hut very fast. The second pig built his shack less fast. The third pig built his house more slowly, but built well with strong walls, windows and roof.

The wolf is the problem, he quickly collapsed the houses of the first two pigs.

But he could not with the third because he made it strong with bricks and mortar. 

The family is like the house of bricks and mortar.

If we stay together in a strong house, the wolf will stay away.

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