Saturday, July 12, 2014

Orange County Library - 2014 Spirit of Volunteerism Award

Congratulations to Pat Tonini!
READ/OC Honoree for the 2014 Spirit of Volunteerism Award!
READ Writes: Spring 2014

Pat Tonini has been a volunteer with READ/Orange County, since 2008. She started out as a volunteer literacy tutor, helping adult learners reach their reading and writing goals.

As a tutor, she is patient, supportive, and encouraging.  She shared, “My first student was American born, middle-aged and very motivated.  I saw him really blossom more and more each year.  He was brave enough to go on a trip with a friend to Las Vegas because he was finally able to read the signs and know where he was. He had always been too afraid to travel before.”

“My current learner is an ESL student and it is much more difficult because he doesn’t know our culture and idioms.  He works in a gas station and once a customer asked him to “break a hundred‟ and he had no idea what that meant.”  Pat has been able to help both of these learners make great progress towards their learning goals.

As a volunteer, Pat is prompt, reliable, and involved.  Since 2011, she has helped welcome new volunteers into the program through her role as an assistant trainer. At each training, Pat keeps things running smoothly with her efficient attention to setup, check in, and logistics.  She presents training components with an approachable and kindly attitude. Most importantly, she is always ready to share her extensive experience with new volunteers.  Over the years, Pat has shown herself to be a true asset to the cause of adult literacy in Orange County!

Thank you, Pat, for your commitment of supporting lifelong learning and literacy with READ/OC.

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