Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Los Angeles Public Library: It's A Match

It’s a Match

Bert’s Story By Tutor Bertram Brescher
I retired from 32 years with AT&T a little after my 60th birthday. It was a physical job that tired me out and the extended hours kept me away from my family. I had previously retired a few years earlier from the Air National Guard, which was a job I loved , but I became the OLD MAN looked to for answers, put the square peg in the round hole. Soon after retiring I started looking for volunteer work. I wanted something that would again make me feel good. The Air Force was always about teamwork and how to help. My Combat Communications Squadron excelled and always pulled through even through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

I first checked with the AARP local volunteer website. I saw mostly short term commitment positions. I did come across the Los Angeles Library Adult Literacy Program and looked deeper into it. It seemed to be a good match. I had worked on a workshop with AT&T and taught a class with the USAF on the operation and safety of tactical generators. I sent in an e-mail, but never received a reply. I figured the program was full or the staff laid off due to the recession. I took on volunteering at the Veterans Administration in Mission Hills. I would help filing, making phone calls and other odd jobs they needed help with. It was the big happy family I remembered from the military.

Raymond’s Story By Learner Raymond Anguiano
I have been with my tutor Bert about one year. I joined the program to learn how to read and write better. So far my achievements have been getting my drivers license, teaching my daughter to read, and helping my wife with reading medical labels.

I heard about the Adult Literacy Program on the radio and it was something I was looking for. I am so glad there is a program available in my local library and I do recommend this program to people who want to learn to read and write.  READ MORE !

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