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Newport Beach Library - CUCINA enoteca celebrates Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy during September

Orange County Celebrates
during September

During September at CUCINA enoteca Irvine and CUCINA enoteca Newport Beach, Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy is our #sipsupport beneficiary. For every glass or bottle of CUCINA private label wine sold during the month of September, we will donate $1 to them!

Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy is a division of the Newport Beach Library. They provide free, one-on-one tutoring, small group classes and additional resources for adults in the community who struggle with the English language. Their hope is that all participants are successful in achieving their literacy goals.

Over 200 adult learners typically enroll each year, and there are many more waiting to be accepted into the program. Unfortunately, there are not enough volunteer tutors to handle the learner requests. The program could not work without dedicated volunteer tutors.

The programs that ProLiteracy offers to Adult Learners are:
Book Club – a discussion group for adult learners about book selections in classic or modern fiction.
Conversation – helping participants understand and communicate comfortably in every-day idiomatic English.
Discussion Group – A weekly gathering of learners who are encouraged to participate in speaking on any number of topics that are presented during the session.
Learner Network – A quarterly meeting for adult Learners to learn more about the program, and each other in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Often, guest speakers share their knowledge on items of interest to the adult learners.
Life Skills – A weekly class that focuses on tools to help with everyday needs such as setting life goals, financial literacy, navigating social media, etc.
Movie Talk – Once a month a movie selection is screened for assembled learners. Each film normally deals with different issues that we face in the United States and afterward the group participates in an open discussion about the different topics addressed in the movie.
Pronunciation Workshop – work with a professional speech therapist in a small group setting on American English pronunciation. Each workshop is typically eight weeks.
Writing Workshop – Geared to working with the adult learner on creative writing. Each workshop is typically six weeks.

International Literacy Day is an annual celebration of literacy held each year. This year’s event is on September 11.

Check out these statistics:
•In the U.S. there are over 30,000,000 people who are at the lowest level of literacy.
•In California – about 8,400,000 people fit in this category
•In Orange County – approximately 450,000 people cannot read well enough to fill out a bank deposit slip.
•75% of unemployed adults have difficulty reading at a basic level
•Almost 70% of prison inmates perform at the lowest level of literacy
•24% of patients with low literacy skills cannot understand their prescription labels
•Illiteracy in the U.S. costs Billions in lost productivity and health and safety issues.

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