Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Newport Beach Library :: Tutor Snapshot

Newport Beach Library
Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy
Literally Speaking: Nov/Dec 2014

Snapshot: Tutor
Shari Elias Last year, Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy recognized Shari Elias for her nearly 7 years of service to the Program, both as a tutor and an instructor. Her dedication to the learners has made her an invaluable member of the team.

Literally Speaking: What first drew you to the Newport Beach Public Library literacy program?

Shari: My father passed away in 2007, and after having been his caregiver for 7 months at his home in CDM, I felt a need to volunteer in a less stressful situation. I never realized how much fun and enjoyable, while also being therapeutic, tutoring in this program would be. It took some time to realize that as I was helping others, the learners were doing me a much greater service.

Literally Speaking: How has your work here impacted your life outside?

Shari: Being involved with individuals from approximately ten different countries every week cannot be anything but exciting. Although I have always thought of myself as open-minded and fairly liberal, it is difficult for me to express my emotions felt when discussing religion, politics, lifestyles, families, marriages, sex, etc., in a group setting with foreigners. I have learned from them to be more compassionate, less prejudiced, and not to jump to conclusions when a particular group is headlined in our news. I also appreciate that I can now recite a greeting in about 8-10 different languages other than English.  READ MORE !

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