Tuesday, January 6, 2015

READ Orange County :: Literacy Blast at Craig Regional Park: Mission Success!

Literacy Blast at Craig Regional Park: Mission Success!
READ Orange County
READ Writes: Fall 2014

Starship “AFPAC” (Annual Family Picnic And Celebration) was a “stellar” success!  After a year-long orbit of Reading and Lifelong Learning that took learners and their tutors on amazing  journeys to galaxies unknown, tutors, learners,  families, “Friends of READ/OC,” and some amazing creatures of intelligent life from another universe landed at Craig Regional Park earlier this summer to celebrate what Earthlings call a “picnic.”

Such a celebration as this has not been seen in this galaxy for many moons of Endor! As always, this year’s annual celebration of literacy efforts in the Orange County galaxy was out of this world due to the amazing imagination of the Mission Control Team (aka Friends of READ/OC) and the many READ-lings and their families who enjoyed a delicious BBQ/picnic fare, played “out of this world” games and celebrated the stellar efforts of tutors and learners expanding their learning horizons and achieving life-changing goals.

Enjoy some “astronomical” AFPAC moments and memories within the pages of this newsletter. Then set your sights on more lifelong learning adventures as we continue celebrating the 30th Anniversary of California Library Literacy Services for adult literacy efforts throughout the state with our dedicated library and literacy colleagues, volunteer tutors, adult learners, and community partners.

Don‟t forget to share this special universal truth about literacy and learning with family, friends,  neighbors & co-workers...learning is a lifelong process and the ability to read, write and understand is one of the most precious resources throughout the universe! Encourage them to volunteer as a READ/OC tutor or seek help to read better…and together, discover a world of wonders through literacy and lifelong learning.  READ MORE !

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