Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brawley Library : : Marjo Mello 2015 Women of the Year, 56th Assembly District

Marjo Mello Honored as 56th Assembly District 2015 Women of the Year

Earlier today at the State Capitol, Marjo Mello of Brawley was honored as the 56th Assembly District’s 2015 Woman of the Year.  Selected for the honor by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, Ms. Mello joined women from all over the state to be recognized for their contributions during a special Assembly Floor Session.

“As the City of Brawley Library Director, Marjo has dedicated her entire life to making the library accessible for everyone in the community and has committed to expanding services and promoting literacy in the City and the entire Imperial Valley,” stated Assemblymember Garcia.  “As libraries transition from traditional print, Marjo has adapted the City’s approach to services by meeting changing times with innovative leadership and established the regions first mobile pre-literacy program,” said Garcia.

Marjo L. Mello joined the staff of the City of Brawley in 1987 and has led the department as Library Director since 1992.  Mrs. Mello has devoted her career to making the library a place for resources that are accessible and relevant to the community, promoting literacy in the City and the region.  She is remarkably gifted at resource management, including the oversight of a group of highly committed personnel, and quality inventory.  Mrs. Mello has a keen ability to prioritize approaches that provide for the City’s highest level of service to the public.  READ MORE !

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