Tuesday, April 21, 2015

California State Librarian Greg Lucas : : Focus More of California’s Innovation and Creativity on Our Public Libraries

California State Librarian Greg Lucas Says
"We Need to Focus More of California’s Innovation and Creativity on Our Public Libraries"

State Librarian GregLucas has sent the following message to California’s 1,112 libraries calling for getting a library card into the hands of every kindergartner, working to ensure every Californian can read at more than a 5th Grade level, and creating a system where every Californian can use their library card anywhere in California.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with creating America’s first fire department and its first lending library. Both institutions have changed a lot in 280 years but, fundamentally, they’re the same.

Firefighters still put out fires but they provide far more emergency medical care. Libraries are still information hubs for their communities but they supply that information in many more ways than books.

“Without the library, you have no civilization,” says Ray Bradbury, one of the most ardent advocates of public libraries, which he insists were where he got his education.

California’s 1,112 libraries – the most of any state – mirror our unique diversity. They’re enriched by thousands of librarians who exemplify the innovation and generosity California is recognized for around the world.

California’s students get help achieving their dreams from on-campus libraries and teacherlibrarians. Our public and private universities operate world class research libraries.

Each day, 21 million Californians – from preschoolers to 100-year-olds – use their library cards to open windows on the limitless realm of ideas and knowledge. Libraries are vital, thriving 21st Century institutions that literally change lives.  READ MORE !

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