Thursday, April 23, 2015

Redlands Library : : Learner Chosen for Adult Learner Leadership Institute

Learner in Adult Literacy Program chosen to go to San Diego conference

The Redlands Adult Literacy Program is assisting 80 adult learners who want to improve their reading and writing in English. Each learner meets weekly with a volunteer tutor for an hour and a half. These tutoring sessions, which are designed to help learners meet their literacy goals, take place at the A.K. Smiley Public Library or at one of the off-site programs in the community.

Recently, Ana Alcantar, a learner in the literacy program, was asked if she would be interested in applying to participate in the Adult Learner Leadership Institute, an event held March 20-22 in San Diego and sponsored by the California State Library. The conference is designed to build leadership, communication, advocacy and presentation skills for adult learners.

“At first I was surprised and I didn’t feel ready to go,” Alcantar said.
-But, she filled out an application and was one of 20 learners selected to attend the conference for the Southern California Region.

“I’m not sure what they saw in me, but it felt great,” Alcantar said. “I felt honored because they believed in me.”

After attending the conference, Alcantar returned energized with new sense of gratitude and purpose. She said she learned it was important to be a part of a team in which one can share experiences and build relationships. READ MORE !

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