Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Los Angeles Public Library : : It's A Match - Helen’s Story & Edward’s Story

It’s a Match Part I
Helen’s Story & Edward’s Story
READ: Spring 2015

Helen’s Story by Tutor Helen Williams

Good attitude, persistence and dedication made me become a tutor.  I learned when I was five years old to take responsibility for my own success in reading; being an African American living in South Central Los Angeles, it would be a challenge. A tutor should be able to answer most of your questions without taking too much time to come up with an answer, but sometimes it is necessary to consult a textbook for the correct answer.  A tutor should be able to provide an alternate explanation in your reading, if the first explanation is unclear. I hope that with the knowledge I have, I will be able to help a person with their literacy problems and make a positive difference in their life.

Edward’s Story by Learner Edward Smith

I came to the Adult Literacy Program to improve my basic reading and writing skills.  Before I came to the Adult Literacy Program, emotionally I felt like I was in an enclosed box! June Brandon introduced me to my tutor, Helen Williams.  The first assignment I learned was vocabulary and how to use the dictionary.  Ms. Helen said “This learning process will not happen overnight”.  I learned phonics, spelling and how to “sound out” a word when I was reading, being able to identify a sound and then blend these sounds together to form the word. My personal goals are to vote, learn to use the computer and to get a job. Today I’m not in an emotional box, I’m out of the box.  I have more confidence in myself.

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