Friday, May 22, 2015

Orange Co Library : : Two READ/OC Learners Honored For Their Writing!

Book & Author Celebration:
Two READ/OC Learners Honored For Their Writing!
READ Writes: April 2015

California State Librarian, Greg Lucas, congratulates READ/OC Learners Karen and Maria for their winning entries in the annual “Writer-to-Writer competition hosted by the Southern California Library Literacy Network.  Maria and Karen chose books to read with their tutors, Mikelle Fish and Susan Gregory.

Then, with their tutors’ encouragements, each wrote a letter to the author of the book they read.  Then their letters were submitted to the “Writer-to-Writer” competition and were selected by the judging panel to be recognized, along with other learners from Southern California Library Literacy programs.

READ/OC also congratulates all of the READ/OC learners and tutors who participated in this year’s annual “Writer-To-Writer” opportunity. Much appreciation also goes to Friends of READ/OC for their continued support of such encouraging, learning adventures, as “Writer-To-Writer,” to be possible for READ/OC learners and their tutors.

Read Karen's Letter


Read Maria's Letter

Diary of a
Young Girl

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