Friday, August 28, 2015

San Diego Public Library :: 2015 READ/San Diego Honorees

Celebrating Success and Bright Futures In February 2015, the Library’s adult literacy program, READ/San Diego, celebrated the monumental dedication and success of its 27rd class. The American Library Association named READ the nation’s top literacy program and the U.S. Department of Education recognized it as a model program for providing life-changing training to low-literate students from a broad range of backgrounds and learning levels. The program serves the estimated 442,000 San Diego adults who cannot read and write well enough to meet every day needs. In addition to free literacy instruction, the Library helps participants pursue an education and encourages families to read together. A few of the 2015 Adult Learner and Tutor honorees include:

Antoinette Mosley Adult Learner of the Year Award Winners

Hinda Ahmed “You need to reach…it’s hard, but if you want it, you reach.” Hinda came to the US over ten years ago from Somalia. She had little schooling in her country, and found herself staying at home because she could not communicate well in English. Hinda found out about READ/San Diego from her sister-in-law. She enrolled in May 2011 and waited over a year for a tutor.

Kassim Alkarawi “Every time I come here: I learn something new.” Kassim walked into the Learner Orientation at READ feeling skeptical and withdrawn. When he started the program in 2012, he was unable to write the alphabet in order or recite the days of the week or the months of the year in sequence. He had attended school in Iraq for six years, but did not have one fond memory to share during his initial assessment. His old fears of the classroom along with his many humiliating school experiences followed him into his first tutoring session.

Mi Sun Cho “Identify a specific goal or two and go for it!” Mi Sun Cho came to the United States four year ago fro Korea. Initially, she attended English classes at the adult school, but wanted to focus on nursing, her career goal. She enrolled at READ after learning about the services provided from a friend. Mi Sun’s English skills were proficient for our program but not for her desired profession. She had practiced nursing for 16 years in South Korea, working in operating and anesthesiology departments, but that experience did not qualify her for nursing jobs in the United States. She had to pass the California nursing exam and demonstrate mastery of English.

Rebecca E. Lytle Tutor of the Year Award Winners

Katherine Albitz “Learning is not a linear process. It goes in bumps and then all of a sudden she’ll make a big leap.” After retiring from her job as a software developer and engineer at Hewlett Packard, Katherine wanted to get involved in something that she felt strongly about. She wanted to help adults who had been denied education or who hadn’t been able to get the education they wanted and needed.

Rancy Breece “I am doing hearts work and the rewards are better than pay!” Though the time was relatively short, Rancy never forgot his first experience tutoring an adult learner through READ in 1989. He returned to READ in 2012 to take on another student giving his passion for reading.

Carl Balingit “Learning to teach is very valuable.” Carl Balingit heard about READ/San Diego through the San Diego Council on Literacy’s CEO, Jose Cruz. In fact, he credits Jose with being the inspiration for his willingness to commit to tutoring. Carl recognizes the value of reading and feels it’s important to have a “well informed society.”  READ MORE ! (pdf)

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