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2015 Writer To Writer Challenge

2015 Writer To Writer Challenge
Southern California Library Literacy Network
Awards Ceremony :: March 5, 2016

Time to kick off the Writer to Writer Challenge !

The Writer to Writer Challenge is a writing contest open to all adult learners of SCLLN member programs. Adult learners read or listen to a book, then write a 500-word (or less) letter to the author, whether living or dead, to describe how the book has influenced their life. 

Encourage your learners to listen to an audio-book, or read a book, any book, with their tutor. When they find one that changed the way they think about life, encourage them to write a letter to the author of the book. The letter is just a friendly note to an author, living or dead, describing the impact the book had on their life. The letter can be short or long, but it must be under 500 words. The learners can write about a book they have read or an audio-book they have listened to.

The book read and the letter written must be in English.

Letters must be received in Carlsbad on or before Thursday December 3, 2015.

Winners are selected in 4 groups:
Emerging group :: dictate a letter to tutor or staff
Beginning group :: write a basic, simple letter independently
Intermediate group :: write a more complex letter with larger vocabulary
Advanced group :: write independently with little support from tutor or staff

Winners Announced in February 2016
Awards Ceremony on March 5, 2016

Cash Prizes for Winners
Cash Prizes & Goody Bag for Runners-Up
Certificates for all participants

Writer to Writer Challenge

Writer to Writer Chair
TEL: 760-931-4515   FAX: 760-729-8335

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